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Full Moon in Gemini – Divine Masculine Healing

The Full Moon in Gemini will make a rare occultation of Mars during the exact full moon, as Mars retrograde merges with the lunar energy in this powerfully charged alignment. The divine masculine is in introspective mode, healing and clearing the shadow. Many issues may be coming up for the masculine, around relationships, communication and freedom.

The Sun is midway through the sign of Sagittarius, and the focus is on freedom, expansion, travel, and opening the mind to new wisdom and higher philosophies. With Mercury and Venus here, communications have been blunt and direct, to the point of cutting like an arrow. The fiery energy incites you to go for what you want – however, it can also cause friction, as there is a ‘no holds barred’ feeling to interactions. Mercury has now entered Capricorn, and communications are more pragmatic and down to earth.

The full moon in Gemini usually brings a lighter, sociable energy to this time of year. This Gemini moon is particularly intense, conjunct Mars retrograde, and in T-square aspect to Neptune in Pisces.

When the Moon conjuncts Mars, they blend their energies, the feminine with the masculine, the white and the red. Two major indicators of feminine and masculine energy, the moon symbolises the past, the emotions, habits, and the inner self, and Mars symbolises the male energy, will, drive, action and also anger. So we have a blending of active emotion, past traumas, anger within relationships, instinctual actions, habits and patterns, all under the spotlight of the full moon. Remember, this has been building for a few days now, and you may even have experienced related issues in the past week. With Mars being retrograde, the focus is more on past traumas, experiences with the toxic or dysfunctional masculine, and men addressing their own past and shadow for healing.

The opposition to the Sun in Sagittarius is punchy and fiery, but we also have the square to Neptune in Pisces, bringing in the water element, the emotions, and also deception and illusions. Interactions are not what they seem; emotions will blind people and cause them to fall off balance. Past traumas create a filter of prejudice over current events. The key is to see clearly: your karma, your traumas, your wounding. Take responsibility and do not blame others. This is how we step off the karmic wheel.

Jupiter in Pisces at the 29th degree is bringing illuminated depths of wisdom to all experiences, all circumstances, if we could only but reach to it. The flow of life is happening. An endless stream of sensory fields, we do not need to attach ourselves to them, but see through the illusion and arrive at the truth.

Venus square Jupiter tends to magnify relationship issues and magnify emotions. Are you using drama to get what you want? The Gemini moon reminds us that clarity of communication is key. It is possible to express yourself and speak your truth, without emotional attachment, dramatic or controlling energy. Just communicate with simplicity and purity. All things can be healed and released, traumas can be cleared, miscommunications can be resolved.

This moon encourages us to dive into the roots of trauma and conflict, and find a new medicine. The masculine can communicate with the feminine. They can join and find union. Their combined creative sparks can create worlds.

Above all, this is a time to release victim consciousness once and for all. Take responsibility and claim your power. If you could witness the journey of your soul through all your myriad incarnations, would you really seek to blame anyone?

Each of us is gifted with a Divine spark inside – Equal – Sovereign – Blessed.

Be Beautiful - Be True – Be You

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 07.12.2022

Full Moon Cold Moon 16° Gemini on 8 December @ 04.08am GMT /UT

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