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Full Moon in Aquarius Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse 27 July - Rise, Phoenix, Rise

This Full Moon falls at 4 degrees Aquarius on Friday 27 July at 20.20 UT. Opposite the Sun at 4 degrees Leo, with Mars and the North Node involved, this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse could set off a few fireworks.

The Moon illuminates Aquarius, the sign of universal brotherhood and sisterhood, community spirit, future technology and inspired thinking. These themes are prominent in people’s minds as more senseless events happen every day. The Moon conjuncts Mars retrograde, which connects us to the active male principle operating in the community at large, and society as a whole. Mars in Aquarius relates to activism, societal anger, and active dissemination of thoughts and ideas. The fact that it is retrograde, denotes a retreat of the dominant male principle of the patriarchy. It is time for a new way, a feminine way, for us to get together as we, help each other, and create a new society based on love and service. The lunar light of this full moon will help us to do this, as She returns after being eclipsed. Mars is also at its closest point to the Earth in fifteen years, so that male active energy wants to be felt. It is prominent but in retreat next to the Divine Feminine lunar light.

Whereas the sign of Aquarius is all about diffusing your light for the benefit of everyone, the Sun in the opposite sign of Leo speaks of shining your light like a Sovereign. Leo is the lion, the true essence of the individual, the sovereign part of you that cannot be tamed. Ruled by the Sun, it is the regal heart light that bows to no one. On the lower levels, Leo can be quite an egotistical sign, and rules monarchy and presidential leadership no matter how misguided. However, the high vibration Leo is the true sign of the Heart, being in the heart, living from the heart, and finding strength in vulnerability and openness.

We are being called to find the balance between living the truth of our sovereign essence, and sharing that light for the benefit of humanity. Aquarius is about many unique individuals coming together as one harmonious society. It can be done. We do not need to be homogenised in order to be unified. The wonderful thing about the Age of Aquarius is that we are celebrating our differences. Life is infinitely diverse, and never creates two things the same. We are the rainbow, and we celebrate that rainbow. We are all the stars in the sky.

The Sun is conjunct the North Node in Leo, which is challenging the individual to be all they can be, and step up to the true potential that lies within. The North Node is the arena where you feel the fear and do it anyway. We could see some courageous actions from heart-centred heroes, and people stretching themselves to step forward in the name of the Light. The more we rise to the challenges that life gives us, the more light will shine into this world. The Sun in Leo conjunct North Node gives us all the opportunity to be more fully present in the heart, and live from that truth. Dare yourself to do something that scares you. Share more of yourself, and shine that solar light into your world.

The Sun and Moon are in a loose T-square to Jupiter in Scorpio, encouraging you to expand your sense of self, and see more of the truth. Much is being revealed as the veils are lifted, in your life, the people around you, and throughout the world. Scorpio rules the criminal underworld, sex, abuse of power, the dramas of revenge and betrayal, the predominant themes of TV and film, and the stories that most people are addicted to. This is an opportunity to change those stories. It is necessary for things to be revealed before they can be transformed. More passion, alchemy, power and magic are available to you if you ask.

The Sun and Moon are also in a tight T-square to Uranus in Taurus, so expect unpredictable events, shock and surprises to happen around this moon. It will affect us for three days before and three days after. These jolts are helping you to go in the direction of your dreams, and change direction, if necessary, so that you can create the right structures for you life to allow the full expression of your soul. Slow down, relax, try to avoid accidents and roll with sudden unfoldings. With so much pent up energy around this moon, remember to practise peace and tranquillity and let go of angry knee jerk reactions.

Venus in Virgo, the sacred priestess, is working hard on this full moon, as she trines Pluto and opposes Neptune. When Venus trines Pluto it can give release to longstanding relationship issues, ignite passion, and allow the flow of deep soul love. When she opposes Neptune, this gives rise to ethereal beauty and also fantasy and illusion. If you think you have met your soul mate, don’t be in rush, as things might not be what they seem. Watch out for the beautiful illusion. Stay true and ask for clear perception, as these aspects could indicate deeply karmic relationships that you are pulled towards. Either way, intense soul work will be done.

The Lunar Eclipse completes this pair of eclipses which began with the Solar Eclipse in Cancer two weeks ago. Eclipses enable deep transformation, endings, beginnings, and letting go in the areas of life they govern. New beginnings have been initiated in the sphere of home and family, and now this eclipse allows a fresh start in the sphere of community, with many individuals coming together in freedom and unity, looking to the future, building bridges, and living the prophecy of the Rainbow Tribe. As the light of the Moon is eclipsed, we let go of the old. Be in the no-thing and allow your mind to stop. As the light returns, we are reborn as a new brotherhood and sisterhood. We are the hope of humanity. We are the new.

On this Full Moon, the sky is a network of supportive and challenging aspects. It feels like a major shift, that could be an uncomfortable, bumpy ride, or a smooth lift off in a spaceship, depending on where you’re at! The more you meditate on releasing, letting go, and allowing the ignition and transformation, the more you will experience the sacred rise, like a phoenix, in transcendent fire energy, burning, illuminating the cosmos with the brilliance of spirit. Connect with your true heart of a lion. Remember your brother and sisters. This is our time, as we Rise and Shine.

Katy Sophia 25.07.2018

Soul Radiance Astrology

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