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New Moon in Virgo - the Master Key

The New Moon in Virgo coincides with Mercury moving direct. This is a reset point and pivotal moment where things can start moving forwards again. At 22° Virgo, this new moon holds the master key to the next phase of your journey.

We have been through some fairly dense, sticky energies with Mercury retrograde in Virgo, a nitpicky earth sign. The Sun and Moon are making a grand earth trine on this day, heralding new stability, and kite with an opposition to Neptune.

The way ahead is straightforward, however, we may have to navigate some illusions and burst some unrealistic bubbles to proceed in a grounded way.

The energies have been very high, with much solar activity and increased frequencies. Many are awakening, and there is also much confusion. With the opposition to Neptune in Pisces, this confusion is being highlighted; and we can see the stark contrast of those living under the great deception.

Virgo is about being grounded and precise, and paying attention to details. It is important to focus on the fine details of whatever you are working on. Earth connection, working with nature and natural remedies, paying attention to the health of mind and body are vital at this time.

We need to ground and spend time in nature, to earth the extremely high frequencies that are pouring through. The solar light and lightcodes, and also the increased EMFs can play havoc with the body and brain. Hydration is key.

Mercury will move direct today, however the shadow phase last a few weeks and there can still be misunderstandings occurring, so take care and make sure the ground is under your feet with every step.

Venus is still in Leo, mid-sign, now moving direct at the beginning of a new synodic cycle. She has just passed through the Crown Chakra gate. This is where Inanna removes her golden crown, and is stripped of her sovereignty. Do not worry if events are leaving you feeling undignified, humbled, even humiliated. This phase is about letting go of ego. Ego can operate in a very subtle manner, especially “spiritual” ego. Pay attention to what arises for you. Nothing can take away the flame that burns within your heart, and this is the only thing that is real. With each worldly thing that is stripped away, the Divinity within shines brighter.

The slow-moving trine between Pluto and Uranus is being activated by this new moon. Pluto, the planet of deep transformation through death and rebirth, is in its final throes in Capricorn. The trine to Uranus in Taurus is bridging the destruction of the old with new creation. There is an opportunity to gain traction with your projects in the physical. Uranus the Great Awakener is making electrical waves in the earth, as many awakened souls around the planet put their heart and their love into manifesting their soul templates. This is not the time to give up hope – it is time to find your inner determination and keep going.

This is a potent and powerful new moon. A time to let go of your burdens and all that is weighing you down, and place your focus where it needs to be. To activate the reset, consciously clear your mind and let go. Connect with the flame in your heart, and allow your Soul to guide you. It will not do you wrong.

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 15. 09.2023

Artwork: Isis Ankh by Winged-Isis

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