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New Moon in Virgo 7 September – Walk the Sacred Path

The New Moon in Virgo marks a new beginning in the sign of crystalline earth. The Sun and Moon are opposite Neptune, and we are being asked to find the balance between holding on and letting go. With a trine to Uranus, energies are supporting us to make inspired new choices, as light illumines the way ahead.

Virgo the virgin is an ancient priestess, and with this new moon you are being called to the sacred work. Virgo is the sixth sign around the wheel of the zodiac, and in this sign life takes form, as a pregnant woman holds in her belly the seed of a new life. This ancient sign has always represented abundance and fecundity. It relates to the Goddess, to Eve, Isis and Mary.

When a woman is pregnant, she tries to take in food that is nourishing for the baby, avoiding harmful substances. In this way, we should operate the discriminating mind and take in only what is nourishing for our path, our body, mind and life. We do not consume only food. We consume news, information, media, entertainment, conversations and karma and energy. Virgo says, be mindful and discerning. Look for the purity in all things. Separate out the wheat from the chaff, remove the stones from the rice, filter out the poisons from the water.

Virgo is an earth sign, and it rules plants, herbs and natural medicine. While the Sun is in Virgo, our focus is on mind body connection, getting our health back on track, and paying attention to details. Ruled by Mercury, it is considered to be the most “mental” of the earth signs, bringing about a refined state of mind and a very precise awareness. This is an excellent time to manifest your dreams, as you align yourself with the small details that go to make up the big picture, and plant them in the pure soil of Virgo.

Purity comes from the inside out. One who is truly aligned with their path, their purpose, and their soul’s calling becomes a formidable presence, a force to be reckoned with as they embody Divine will itself.

With the Sun, Moon and Mars in Virgo, the energies are right to see all the key details of your life, past, present and future, and to power forward with new clarity of mind. Where can you hone your skills towards a specific goal? Where can you evolve and grow, clear away the clutter from your mind, and emerge as a purer, more humble light?

The New Moon is opposing Neptune in Pisces, so we have the influence of the Virgo Pisces axis. This axis is about compassion, humility and service. Virgo serves humanity in the fine details, in very specific and selfless ways. Pisces is a channel of pure spirit, the free flowing mystic whose presence is healing. Together they bring balance and rhythm. The influence of Neptune reminds us to let go, and not get too bogged down in the details, but always remember that spirit is guiding us.

The trine to Uranus presents an opportunity to make new strides towards the new earth in physical manifestation. Uranus in Taurus is transforming our planet with awakening energies, new enterprises, and new ways of living. This new moon brings possibilities, and opportunities to flow closer to the full physical manifestation of your dreams and destiny. Be awake and alert to every minute shift in direction, communication, and guidance.

On the new moon in Virgo, allow a crystallisation to occur of your inner purity and sacred intentions. A sacred blossoming of life will follow. Call on the inner priest /priestess and take every step with complete awareness, dedication and devotion.

“Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see GOD”

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 07.09.2021

New Moon 15° Virgo 7 September 00.51 UT

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