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New Moon in Scorpio – the Phoenix Rises

The New Moon in Scorpio brings a reset point to all the deep emotions we have been travelling through. Much has emerged this Scorpio season, with the lunar eclipse in Taurus bringing major endings and beginnings to your emotional and psychological life.

This is a day to surrender everything; to give it all up to the Hand of the Divine. As the Sun and Moon conjunct in Scorpio, we are released from the turmoil and simply know what to do. Turmoil and unrest are still happening of course, but we must be clear inside.

The truth has been revealed through the magnifying glass of Scorpio, and the hall of smoke and mirrors now comes to a standstill. Where do you stand, amidst the broken shards and fragments of life that mirror the truth in many ways?

Stillness provides answers; moving into deep meditation where the light and the darkness are one. This is the time of Diwali, the Festival of Lights, where the Light emerges from the deep darkness.

There are powerful and uncomfortable aspects to this new moon: the Sun and Moon are conjunct Mars, who has been journeying with the Sun these past two weeks. The mundane ruler of Scorpio does not pull any punches here. Raw power and energy are directed through the solar light, and the moon amplifies this. Focusing your mind on strong and difficult decisions is one positive use of this influence.

The Sun and Moon are opposite Uranus in tight aspect. More unpredictable shenanigans are the order of the day – we are being shocked to wake up to the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. The Mars Uranus opposition can bring conflict, friction and accidents so take extra care.

The new moon is also trine to Neptune in Pisces, bringing the higher guidance of spirit to the deep waters of Scorpio. When you rise above the 3D world, and connect to your soul, it is easier to be a silent witness and see things in perspective. Life is a journey; a continual unfolding of dreamlike maya. The purpose is awakening to the power and light within you, and awakening to the Divine. Bringing forth your soul gifts is what you are being called to do.

This new moon gateway is a time to find the stillpoint in all that has flooded into your awareness. Find the point of balance and centre yourself in spirit, rock solid like a diamond. Scorpio brings the lower astral into conscious awareness. You may be visited by ancestors and deep soul guidance. What is emerging in the world and the collective is calling you to show your true colours. It is time to live your role.

The purpose of the revelations of Scorpio is to bring the darkness to light, which is the meaning of Diwali. Once the darkness is revealed and the shadow is integrated, then Light can have the victory, as it always does. In this darkest time of thinning veils and swirling astral energies, we call on the higher power to bring clarity and strength. Traditionally in Diwali candles are lit for Goddess Lakshmi to bring prosperity and abundance into your home. It is also a time to call on the power of Ganesha, the great remover of obstacles.

Overall this moon is a time to reassess; make needed changes; to die to the old and to be reborn. Whatever you need to leave behind, know that the spirit inside you is strong and will not let you fail. Your life is being recreated in the highest way. Like the phoenix, the highest aspect of Scorpio, you can rise from the ashes and burn ever stronger with the fire of the Divine, calling on your magical self and gifts from time immemorial.

The Phoenix, once risen is indestructible.

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 13/11/2023

New Moon 20° Scorpio on 13 November @09.27 GMT /UT

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