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New Moon in Pisces – Drawing down the Soul

The New Moon at 12° Pisces is the last new moon of the astrological year. In the watery sign of birth and death, life renews itself once more in readiness for the Spring Equinox. The Sun and Moon are conjunct Jupiter, and the Jupiterian energy is rising, building towards the great conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces on 23 April.

It may seem that life is changing, shifting, washing away all that we knew. On the new moon in Pisces we feel the floodwaters rising, as all of our tears flow into the oceanic waters of life, draining, washing, releasing. We weep for healing. We cry for new life. We hope and pray and dream for a new tomorrow.

Jupiter in Pisces expands what is in our hearts and our souls. There is much beauty, much magnificence and beneficence. There are also tears and suffering. Now is the time to wash these away. To truly be cleansed and healed, we must honour and accept what is in our hearts. There is no pretending, no faking, no suppressing. Just be with what is in your heart. Only then can it release itself back into Source, into the oneness of all that is.

Pisces contains all the emotions, the entire spectrum of human experience, all of the subtle vibrations of life, and contains the key to redemption of the soul. The challenge is to BE, in all of these vibrations and sense impressions, external circumstances and events, and hold your centre, perfectly aligned with the Godsource within.

As we approach the great conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, the waters of humanity will reach a great dam. All of our collective hopes and fears, dreams and aspirations, lives, loves and experiences, will form a giant whirlpool that will be weighed against the feather of Ma’at. Every ounce of our energy counts.

As we connect to the Jupiterian energy in its home sign of Pisces, amplified by the New Moon, we tap into the true riches of spirit. The wisdom and beauty and radiance of life, the life we have forgotten, the exquisite, the precious, the sacred, the awe-inspiring, simply amazing, unfathomable wonder of creation. Let this fill your heart and fill your soul. Do not be swayed by external events. This energy will help all of us to ascend.

Mars, Venus and Pluto are forming an exact conjunction in Capricorn. Sacred Man and Sacred Woman, it is time to dig deep within and access the architect of your Soul. Blast through the blocks to your sacred lives, connect now on a deeper level than ever before. It is time to mature in spirit and fully embody your presence in the physical. This is the culmination of all of your lives.

Mercury and Saturn are conjunct in Aquarius, as we become stable in our thinking, and are able to bring though ideas into the physical that benefit humanity and the new earth. Inspiration can take root and manifest now as we begin a new cycle, planting seeds for the Aquarian age.

All in all this is a very focused chart for the new moon. The watery energy of Pisces is buoyed up and uplifted by Jupiter, giving hope within the storm. We have clearly focused and directed groupings of planets. Now is the time to find your focus and direct your energy strongly, powering up the road ahead, strengthening your manifestations. The Divine Jupiterian Piscean energy allows you to connect with your Soul, source of all strength, power and riches; source of love, source of truth, and beacon of divine destiny.

On this new moon, may we take heart, and draw down the Soul

May we connect to true peace, and bring it through into the world

May we know Love, and the limitless bliss of Spirit

“I am the Sojourner, destined to walk a thousand years until I arrive at myself”

Normandi Elllis, From the Egyptian book of Coming into the Light

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 02.03.2022

New Moon 12° Pisces 2 March 2022 @ 17.34 GMT /UT

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