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New Moon in Leo – Align with your Destiny

The New Moon at 5° Leo marks the beginning of the Lions Gate portal, creating an alignment with the element of fire and the sign of the regal Lion/ess. This heralds bold new beginnings, and the opportunity to recognise your sovereignty and live your truth in the world.

This powerful energy portal is about aligning with your destiny. As the cosmic energies pour in from Sirius and Orion, through the Giza gateway, we all have the ability to recognise our Divinity and the true scope of our abilities. No more playing it small. The lions are roaring, calling you into your power.

The Sphinx of Giza is the oldest monument on the planet, symbol of an ancient Lioness Goddess. She reminds us of the indestructibility of all that is sacred. She guards the Hall of Records, and keeps the purity of this stargate under constant protection.

We have passed through the Day Out of Time, on 25 July, which was a day for moving through the void, and resetting your energy in preparation for the new cycle. 26 July is known as Egyptian New Year, and also Mayan New Year as their calendars coincide. This was based on the annual rising of Sirius, which brought about the inundation of the Nile, and a new season of fertility and abundance.

The new moon in Leo opens the lunar cycle of the Lions Gate, which culminates with the full moon in Aquarius on 12 August. This powerful window of time is like stepping into a supercharged furnace of possibilities. What do you choose to align yourself with? There are no limits, only in your mind. This is a time to consciously release all limitations, meditate, pray, connect to the Divine, and listen to the whispers of your Soul. You are divinely supported to Be All you can Be.

Now is the time to recognise that you are an eagle, raised amongst farmyard chickens. You can soar on the wings that you have built through your life experiences, and they will hold up for you. When you open the wings of your own truth, under the guidance of your soul, nothing can stop you.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and the solar principle governs all life. The Sun is a Star, and we all come from the Stars. The Sun relies on its own light, the divine spark within, for all power and all life. This is why Leo is Sovereign. The Lion/ess is a symbol of this beautiful divinity and leadership. The lion answers to no one, it lives by its own will, following its own destiny.

Ask yourself why you have incarnated on Gaia at this time? This time is a powerful confluence of many energies. We stand at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and the true ascension. We are here to bring order from chaos, and hold fast to the light. Whatever your unique destiny is, you may gain more insight into it, and move deeper into that creation. We are Creators, and we create through confidence and inner knowing.

On the day of the new moon, the Sun and Moon are opposite Pluto, but this is a separating aspect, meaning that you can understand what obstructs you and put it behind you. The Sun and Moon are making a trine to Jupiter in Aries, bringing a huge, fiery energy to the day, and a sense of grandeur and optimism. Dramas could be blown up out of proportion, so it is a good idea to channel this energy into creative projects. Mercury is opposite Saturn, in T-square to Uranus, the North Node, and also Mars. This is a somewhat tricky aspect for communication. It is not a good day to tackle sensitive issues, as egos are highly likely to clash. Keep the focus on peaceful interactions, compliments and praise.

Venus has just moved through the Root Chakra Gate, on her descent into the underworld. The energy is assisting you to let go of all blocks to the root chakra: issues of survival and security, safety, earth connection and vitality, instinct, body consciousness, manifesting and abundance. It is time to release these fears and past traumas so that you can have a healthy earth connection, and powerful manifesting abilities. What do you need to let go of to fully step into your Greatness?

This is an immensely powerful time as we enter into the Lions Gate. As with all energy portals, it is vital to consciously interact with it and engage with the energies. You are Sovereign – you have control over your own mind, no-one else. It is up to you to integrate and embody your light, and keep the lower nature in balance. As you come into complete alignment, your Destiny unfolds.

“Whoever finds themselves on this highest peak (of consciousness)

cannot be conditioned by anyone or anything”

Dzogchen teaching

New Moon Lions Gate Blessings

Katy Sophia 28.07.2022

New Moon 5° Leo 28 July @ 17.54 GMT /UT

Artist: Roberta Orpwood

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