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New Moon in Gemini – The Power of Mental Focus

The New Moon in Gemini packs a powerful punch, and brings immense amounts of available energy for channelling into positive ventures. This new moon must be navigated consciously, as the energies could backfire and be tricky to manage if you lose your mental focus and clarity.

Mercury is still retrograde, and as the ruler of Gemini, can bring confusion, delays and communication issues around this time. Issues with people and situations have been brewing during the waning moon phase, and may come to a head to be released on or around the new moon. This is an opportunity for brand new beginnings.

While the new moon provides a release point, and an opportunity to let go, clear your mind, and start afresh where communications have been problematic; other aspects will be influencing us this week and work still needs to be done.

Gemini is the bright and breezy sign of communication, thoughts and ideas. It brings a sociable energy, and the desire to reach out and connect with others. The new moon is an introspective time; however, the stirrings will be felt for new ways of connecting, and perhaps new collaborations.

The Sun and Moon at 9°Gemini are making a sextile to Mars and Jupiter, which are conjunct in early Aries. We are all feeling this surge of powerful energy since Mars has entered Aries, where it resides once every two years. At home in its own sign, it brings immense drive and forward moving energy; however, it is also known to bring unchecked violence and aggression which are the shadow of Mars. Conjunct Jupiter, this energy is magnified, and Jupiter also brings a benevolent feeling to Mars. The sextile aspect is a positive energy of opportunity. So this new moon brings the ability to access huge power and drive for the things we want to accomplish.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct Aldebaran, the great royal star between the eyes of the bull, in the constellation of Taurus. This is one of the most powerful stars in the sky. It is known to bring success and good fortune to new ventures, and to relationships. If the work is done in the right way, and everything is in place, then it augurs well for what you begin at this time. Combined with the sextile to Mars and Jupiter, this brings immense usable energy to channel into noble and beneficial projects.

The issues arising in the week of the new moon, stem from the fact that Mercury is still retrograde, and making a square to Saturn. This is a time for going back over communications, and ironing out problems, especially in relationships. It is not a time for blame – this will backfire and cause more conflict. It is a time for humility and self-awareness, and building bridges with others. Attentive listening and enlightened conversations bring deeper understanding, releasing misunderstandings. Much healing can happen.

Venus has just passed through the solar plexus gate, bringing out issues around power, control, self-esteem, self-worth, giving your power away, or having power over. Combined with Mercury retrograde square Saturn, many things may have surfaced for you. Venus in her descent invites you to let go of all issues around power and lack of self-worth, and offer them up to be released and healed. Do not be alarmed at what arises; this is a powerful gateway and once you have seen it, all that is needed is to consciously let go.

Venus has entered her home sign of Taurus, bringing the opportunity to slow down and enjoy some self-care, nurturing, and wholesome activities. Spending time with loved ones, being close to nature and the elements, and enjoying the senses through music, art, poetry, delicious cuisine, nourishing massage, dance, yoga are just some of the ways to enjoy this energy. It is important to take time out if you can, and focus on wellbeing. The energies have been challenging and intense, and slowing down to unwind can help to avoid burnout and ill health.

So all in all, this new moon brings into focus the immense power available to us when we focus our mind and create, using our full energy as human beings. Of course, we are always walking a tight rope, holding the balance between extremes. We use our mental focus to bring about positive outcomes, and not create negative situations through our fears. There are so many distractions, so many illusions seeking to tip us over the edge and lose ourselves in the quagmire. We must each be responsible for holding our light, and keeping our vehicle and energy clean from outside influences.

Gemini is symbolised by the twins, illustrating the duality and polarity of our world. The dark and the light stars Castor and Pollux symbolise the dual nature of the mind. It is our task to control our own mind and emotions, and hold the balance as we walk our path. Strength is to be found within, not in anything external that seeks to divert our focus and cause our precious energy to leak. When we tap into the power of the universe, there is nothing we cannot do.

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 30.05.2022

New Moon at 9° Gemini on 30 May @12.30 UT

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