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New Moon in Gemini 22 May Communication Reset

This New Moon occurs at 2° Gemini, at 17.38 UT on Friday 22nd May.

Keywords are: Communication, transformation, expansion, ascension, relationship healing, heart and mind, illusions, deception, clear perception, compassionate action, divine assistance

This New Moon in the sign of Gemini brings a communication reset. We have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and North Node in Gemini, so the focus is on the air element, thoughts and communication. It is easy to be overwhelmed with information overload, information wars on social media, and the propaganda machine. Now is the time to go within, enter the stillness, and disconnect for a while in the dark of the Moon to receive your reset.

The New Moon is a new beginning, and the sign of Gemini is concerned with the duality of the mind. The twin stars, Castor and Pollux, are known as the dark and the light twin, representing the ego and the self. When we function purely from an intellectual perspective, the ego always comes into play, seeking to be right as it is disconnected from the self. With the Mercury and Venus conjunction, it is time to connect heart and mind, and open to a flow of new information, with our inner discernment strong.

Venus retrograde is bringing about a fated period in relationships, as she completes her eighteen-month cycle ready to begin a new cycle at the beginning of June. She will be in retrograde until 25 June, and this can bring out relationship karma to be cleared. Pay attention to issues that come up for you, and words that your heart wants to speak. It is important to connect the heart chakra to the throat chakra, and open the third eye to see clearly what is happening. This could also be a time of sacred connection for twin souls.

People from the past may come back into your life, or you may see flashes of past relationships and things that occurred, so that you can release them from your energy field. This is a time of deep reckoning, and a karmic reset of all your relationships. Make sure you release psychic cords as necessary, complete soul contracts, and don’t leave yourself vulnerable to others even in the astral. If you astral travel, protect your energy field and set your intentions clearly.

Mercury and Venus in Gemini are square to Neptune in Pisces, bringing into sharp focus any illusions and deception around us. Check communications for authenticity, and take care not to be seduced by glamour and things not being what they seem. The square to Neptune is impressing upon us the importance of spirit connection. Our communications cannot be random, borrowed, or purely intellectual. We must be divinely connected at all times.

The Sun and Moon in Gemini are square to Mars in Pisces. A square is a challenging aspect, so there is friction between Gemini and Pisces in several alignments. The airy intellectual energy of Gemini, the child and the principle of “I think”, is predominant in the sky right now. Gemini has an abundance of youthful curiosity, light-heartedness and fun. It is concerned with the flow of information, however, is not concerned with ethics – much like the press! Pisces is the deep, watery, mystical energy of simply knowing the truth, and dissolving into oneness. Caring and compassionate, this is where the male principle is now with Mars there. So we are being called to balance intellectual knowledge with compassionate action. The sharing of information with empathy and heartfelt response.

The Sun and Moon are in separating trines to Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. We are being given the opportunity to shift, and expand our sense of self. This is a time of complete renewal and rebirth, transformation and regeneration. It is time to ease the obstacles that appear to be in your path by connecting to all of your multidimensional selves, and walking the path you know is yours. The focus should be on your energy and connection, with spirit, nature and the earth. The new moon is the ideal time to disconnect from social media, unplug from devices, and find your place beneath the stars.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct the star Alcyone, the central star in the Pleiades. The name means central one, and bright one. The gateway to Pleiadian wisdom and assistance is there if we wish to connect with it. This star is very special as it is the central Star of our galaxy. The energy of compassion is coming through very strongly at the time of this Gemini New Moon, with Venus the Goddess of Love in her deep introspective cycle. The mental energy of Gemini is being tempered and balanced by these very deep undercurrents and star connections.

On this New Moon, set the intention to reset your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Receive divine inspiration, take action on the new downloads, and make the absolute most of your time. This time is precious, this time is sacred. Use it wisely.

New Moon Rituals

Create a sacred space and time to be still. Meditate and clear mental clutter. Allow the element of air to blow through you, blowing away debris like the wind. Call upon the air to deep cleanse your thought processes and psychology.

Focus on the planet Mercury in the third eye, unifying the brain hemispheres and duality of mind. Ask for the veils to be lifted and clear perceptions to come to you.

Open the Heart chakra, and focus on the Sun and Moon uniting the masculine and feminine energy channels in body. Feel any imbalances shifting and coming into alignment.

Open the throat chakra, and focus on Venus, bringing beauty and love to your communication. Consciously open the connection between heart, throat and third eye.

Feel the energy of Neptune, the connection to spirit, bringing light to all your communications and perceptions.

Write down any messages and insights you receive.

Write down your manifestations on a piece of paper, douse it in sacred oils, and burn it, releasing it to the elements. Once it is burned, cast the ashes to the winds, giving them to the element of air.

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia

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