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New Moon in Aries 12 April - Ignite your Purpose

This New Moon, the energies are super highly charged and combustible with a predominance of fire energy. The Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Chiron are all dancing together in the sign of cardinal fire. There could be fireworks, lightning fast communications and triggers emerging as wounds arise to be healed.

The new moon is a time to focus, vision and manifest. We have the capacity to focus like a laser beam, creating a new pathway for the month and year ahead. It has never been more important to connect to the Divine spark within, and focus into the heart like sunrays on a magnifying glass, igniting our dreams and creating a fire of right action and fully aligned purpose. This new moon in Aries is the beginning of a new cycle, which will last for many years to come. The choices we make now are vital to ensure our future.

This is the time to not be swayed by externals. The fire of Aries comes straight from the Divine. It does not stop to think, doubt or worry what others might think. It is simply is, in all its glory, magnificence and light. We are being called to be that fire. What makes us human is what makes us Divine. We still have that spark of God within our hearts, within our souls, the fire of spirit. If this becomes detached, or inaccessible, then humanity is lost. We must be the warriors of light for all of us, for all those who are lost.

The fire of Prometheus was given to humanity, and placed into bodies of clay. Without that fire, what are we? We are seeded from the stars, and the fire of the Gods is within us. We need to remember who we are. The Sun and Moon are at 22° Aries, 22 the Master number. It is time to master this sign, and master our intentions as we consciously create and co-create.

The Sun and Moon conjunct Venus as she prepares to rise as the evening star. The masculine and feminine, the Goddess of Love and the fierce warrior Goddess of fire are all united in an alchemical merging, regenerating and being reborn as the Phoenix, against all odds. The Divine feminine is rising, healing her wounds as she emerges, strong, confident and powerful. There is great energy for healing, renewal and rebirth, as the fire of life itself is more powerful than any darkness.

The Sun and Moon are also conjunct Mercury, which is together with Chiron in the sky. Communications are powerful and intense, fast moving and direct. People may speak before thinking, and impatience, anger and irritations may erupt. The presence of Chiron indicates triggers and wounds. People may say things that trigger past hurts, without intending to cause pain. The key is to observe and not react, as energies can escalate fast. Be mindful of past trauma coming to the forefront of your mind, especially wounds inflicted by anger, aggression, violence and the toxic masculine. Offer them to the fire and the Phoenix Goddess to be cleansed and transformed.

The Sun and Moon are making harmonious sextiles to Jupiter and Mars, which are trining each other in the sky. There is great potential for growth and inspired action. We can find the balance between positive, clear communications, and humanitarian projects to create real change in the Aquarian age. The energy of this moon is like wildfire – it must be harnessed and focused correctly.

A square to Pluto reveals that the challenges we face are not over yet. Obstructions and hurdles may trip us up, with hidden traps, and powers working at cross-purposes to humanity. It is better to know what obstructs us and call upon the highest wisdom and power to navigate these energies. Mars is squaring Neptune, bringing seduction, deception and illusions into play. Things are not what they seem, and freedoms cannot be taken for granted. Yes we have our God-given birthrights, human rights, and inalienable rights. Now is the time to stand up for these, with the Divine power behind us. We have the right to live our lives as Creator intended.

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia

New Moon 22° Aries 12 April 2.20 UT

Crystals for the New Moon: ruby, carnelian, coral, red jasper. To soothe excess fire, work with cooling blue crystals like celestite and blue lace agate.

Essential oils for Aries: marjoram, ginger and orange as a warming oil blend to stimulate the circulation. Mix with seasalt for a salt scrub.

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