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March Astrology - Bringing in the New

The month of March brings a series of profound shifts and fiery changes. The energies are ripe for transformation and moving to the next level. If you want to break out of a rut and do something new, now is the time.

On 2 March we have the Venus Jupiter conjunction, a meeting of two benefics which brings increased joy, abundance, optimism, and heart expansion if you are open. Jupiter is magnifying the intense fire of Aries, so relationships could be pretty passionate. This energy is a firestarter for creative passions, new projects and endeavours, and new collaborations. Venus and Jupiter are also dancing with Chiron, however, so our wounds are being exposed. Anywhere you are not healed will reveal itself now, and passionate exchanges may result in triggering. This is fast, fiery healing if you allow it.

Mercury and Saturn are conjoined in the last degree of Aquarius, bringing a serious tone to communications, and necessary thinking on humanitarian projects. Mercury enters Pisces on 3 March, and communications will become more dreamy, intuitive and compassionate; and less focused on the details.

We are building towards the full moon in Virgo on 7 March, balancing the Pisces Virgo axis - the ocean of dreams, and the point of crystalline clarity. This lunation is about distilling the essence of your visions, and focusing keenly on your goals. Whilst in the full moon window, Saturn enters Pisces on 8 March. For the next two and a half years, the planet of discipline and karma will be bringing structure to the Piscean realms of art, music, healing, meditation, channelling, and compassionate work. This is good if you want to be taken seriously as an artist or healer – it is time to bring those ideas down to earth and ground them.

Mercury, the innermost planet enters Aries just before the Spring Equinox on 20 March. Mercury dances with the Sun, and is known as the planet of illumination of the mind, synonymous with Hermes and Thoth, the great wisdom teachers. As Mercury and the Sun enter Aries, the primordial fire of new birth, they herald a great spring cleaning of the mind. Allow yourself to be cleansed and renewed in the purging, life-giving fire of spirit.

While in the Equinox window, we have the new moon in Aries on 21 March, ushering in the new on all levels. Venus in sensual Taurus conjuncts the collective North Node, and we are called to question our relationships, and the things that give us pleasure, in the context of the changes happening around us. This is a time of re-evaluation.

On 24 March, the moment we have been waiting for, Pluto enters Aquarius after a 15 year sojourn in Capricorn. As the outermost planet of death, rebirth and regeneration, we will begin to feel the breath of change, as the Aquarian energies stream through bringing inspiration for the new earth. Pluto in Capricorn has brough heavy, structural changes and ‘ploughed up the earth’ ready for the solar light codes, and electromagnetic lifeforce energy of Aquarius to take hold.

This month the energies are calling for change on all levels. Spring cleaning the house, cleansing your body, starting a new exercise regime, and letting go of clutter sends a strong message to the universe that you are ready to bring in the new. It is vital to let go of outdated thought patterns and mental clutter, clear your mind with meditation, and allow yourself to connect with your heart flame. Your soul knows the way. No moment of meditation is ever wasted.

Katy Sophia 02.03.2023

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