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June Energies - Solstice Magic

The solar light is building to its peak in the Northern hemisphere, with the Summer Solstice on 21 June. When the Sun is at its zenith, we are called to be all we can be, and blossom like precious and rare flowers filled with divine light.

The month begins with the Full Moon in Sagittarius on 4 June, the beautiful moon of wisdom, highlighting the Gemini Sagittarius axis of mind, thoughts, communication, wisdom, faith, trust and higher knowledge. In the buildup to the full moon, contemplate how these themes are currently playing out in your life. Wisdom needs to be shared, and as Lightworkers we are called to Serve with all that we are. Lift up your mind to the sky, and you will see people around you who need your Light.

The Mercury Uranus conjunction takes place on 5 June, still in the full moon window. This is a powerful day to connect to higher guidance, and channel information on your soul purpose. Communications maybe surprising, unexpected, even shocking but they can serve to wake you up.

On 12 June Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn, where he will remain until January. This phase is about tying up loose ends and completing preparations in the material world, to provide a solid foundation for your entry into the New Earth.

Mercury enters Gemini on this day, and the scintillating energy of new ideas, conversation, circulation and communication will be high, leading up to the New Moon in Gemini on 18 June. This will provide a reset point for all the intellectual energy swirling around, and conversations spiralling out of control.

On 21 June the Sun enters Cancer, marking the Solstice, and we dive into water and the emotional realms. This is a time to connect, embrace, blossom and just be. The radiance of our souls will illuminate the collective as we join with the solar light and heightened frequencies of midsummer.

On 22 June Venus conjuncts the Moon at 14* Leo, and the Capricorn Goddess cycle reaches the Crown Chakra gate. This is a time to bask in your sovereignty and embody your divinity as you look back on the past 18 months and all you have experienced, sacrificed, released and created. It is time to reclaim your Crown.

Sagittarius Full Moon Sekhem Healing online zoom call is at 11am PDT /2pm EDT /7pm BST on 4 June.

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For cosmic energy updates you can sign up to my blog here or follow my page Katy Sophia Ascension Astrologer

June Solstice Blessings

Katy x

Artwork: Josephine Wall

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