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Full Moon in Sagittarius – Sacred Wisdom

The Full Moon in Sagittarius illuminates the sign of sacred wisdom, as the Sun traverses the airy, intellectual sign of Gemini. We are called to find the balance between everyday communications and expansive wisdom; obsessing over details and seeing the bigger picture; finding a fresh approach to life while tuning into the higher mind.

Gemini is the child, and while the sun is in this sign we feel a renewed sense of youthful curiosity, seeking to make new connections and communicate for the sheer joy of communicating. Beneficial opportunities can arise from light-hearted interactions. Things can be done in a completely new way when you let go of your burdens and see life through the eyes of a child.

The full moon at 13° Sagittarius brings the wisdom of the elders, and reminds us to look deeper, higher, wider. The mind can go on and on in endless spirals, leading you away from being fully present. When you allow yourself to shift into 5D, the answers are there. The wisdom of the sages and the enlightened masters of all time shines through this moon.

Sagittarius is the archer, who aims his arrow at the highest goal. This is spiritual aspiration. When you gather up all your reserves and aim for spiritual heights, life takes you far. Much farther than when you are chasing worldly dreams. You land among the stars, and you may have to drift through the bardo for a while, lost and confused, before finding your meaning and purpose. Then you set your sights on a new goal. All the while transforming your darkness and revealing more light, until you eventually begin to shine like the star you are, fuelled from within by your own Light.

Sagittarius was a centaur named Chiron in Greek mythology. He had an unfortunate birth and was an unwanted child. However, he was taken in by the Sun God Apollo, and trained in the healing arts. He was loved and cherished and he worked hard and excelled, becoming famous as a great physician. This story teaches us to love the needy infant within, feeding them love, and nurturing their gifts, until they blossom into someone truly sovereign and majestic. No matter your circumstances, you are loved by the Creator.

Chiron was also caught up in circumstances where he gained immortality, and at the same time gained an immortal, never-healing wound. He struggled on, until he chose to be released from pain and exist amongst the stars. “Physician, heal thyself” is the maxim that he brings. Whatever ails you, you have also been gifted with the medicine to heal it.

The Sun and Moon are squaring Saturn, so you may be reminded of your obstacles, however, you have been gifted with the power to overcome them. Mars is still opposing Pluto, an aspect which has been active for the past two weeks, which is separating and lessening in power. Likewise, the square to Jupiter. Obstructions are lifting, and now is the time to connect to your inner wisdom and follow your guidance for the next phase of your journey.

On this full moon, we open to receive new light codes and energy upgrades, in the midst of solar storms and the rising solar light. May we make the most of this time, meditate and pray, and expand into new awareness. The masters are with us, our guides are with us, easing and supporting us into a higher version of ourselves. May we mature in the ageless wisdom.

May we all be blessed

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 03.06.2023

Full Strawberry Moon 13* Sagittarius on 4 June @03.41 GMT /UT

Artwork: Susannah Wilson

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