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Full Moon in Sagittarius - Fierce Truth Emerges

The Full Moon in Sagittarius exposes truths and lies, revealing the big picture after the storm of Mercury retrograde, while Mercury is still in shadow. If you open your mind wide enough, and connect strongly to spirit, it is possible to see a balanced perspective. However, the square to Neptune is still provoking illusions.

The Gemini Sagittarius axis of the Sun and Moon brings into focus many aspects of communication, information, wisdom, philosophy, truth and illusion. We live by communicating. We also rely heavily on the internet, and social media which is ruled by Gemini. We are overwhelmed by small soundbites of information, tiktok clips, a plethora of conflicting ideas, and many false prophets proclaiming they know the truth. The false light gurus are the shadow of Sagittarius, enforcing their dogma on the masses.

In the teaching of Tibet, the root poison is ignorance. On planet earth, the truth is so simple and freely accessible to all. Yet we swim in an ocean of misinformation, lies, deceptions, half-truths, false dogma and compartmentalised information. Beautiful truths are shamelessly suppressed from humanity, such as Tesla’s proclamation that free energy is limitless and available to all. It seems that one of the main goals of living on this planet, is to recognise the truth amidst the swirling illusions of maya. Deep within the creation of our souls, we know the truth of God. Yet can we still hold our alignment with that knowing, as we walk through the bardo of distractions, illusions, glamour and false temptations?

If you think back to what has been going on for you in the last few weeks, and any confusion or misunderstandings that may have arisen during Mercury retrograde, the truth is being revealed now. With the powerful new moon in Gemini, and Mercury retrograding through the sign of communication, and then the sign of Taurus which is very stubborn, it has been an intense time of miscommunications and conflict. Gemini is the sign of duality, and all conflict stems from the mind. The conflict and ambivalence within our own mind is projected outwards, interacting with others also doing the same: cue dramatic tensions and misunderstandings. An important point to remember is that IT IS NOT ALL WITHIN YOURSELF. It is also within others as well! We interact together, as we are one, and we are also fragmented.

While this retrograde has been challenging, it has also been a time for conscious healing and release. Many things have emerged, truths may have come out in arguments, facets of communication that were being overlooked and suppressed. Now they can be consciously dealt with, which clears the slate. Remember that Mercury is still in the shadow period, which can create even worse miscommunications when people are acting unconsciously.

The full moon illuminating the sign of Sagittarius brings light to the big picture. Raise your head up out of petty arguments, liberate your mind, look at the world in perspective. Are personal disagreements, frustrations and desires so important when we see the need in the world? Each of us has a purpose and a role to play. It is so tempting to stay in the playground /kindergarten and play out lower consciousness dramas. We need to rise above it and soar on the wings of wisdom and truth to operate from a higher level.

The light of Sagittarius brings the expansive fire of wisdom to the mental confusion of Gemini /Mercury retrograde. However, the Sun and Moon are square to Neptune in Pisces. A square to Neptune brings more illusions, glamour and deception. Stay alert! Look deep down for the real truth, and don’t accept something just because it is palatable. Likewise, don’t dwell on a negative possibility due to emotional insecurity.

This full moon brings out emotional insecurities, and anything that wants to be healed from childhood. Pisces can be the needy child and the victim. Where is your inner child craving love? Are the wounds of abandonment and betrayal playing out with the people in your life? Perhaps they are not doing you wrong, just playing out their own drama which mirrors your own, so that you can finally see it and clear it. This is a gift from the Divine, for the courageous warrior of healing.

The Moon is trine the Mars Chiron conjunction in Aries, allowing you to see past wounding in the clear light of wisdom. Once you truly see the big picture, it helps you to be strong. When you step out of the mindset of the victim, you respond to events in a whole different way.

The Sun is trine Saturn in Aquarius, giving you the ability to navigate obstacles and release yourself from mental blocks. When you liberate your mind, sometimes physical obstacles just disappear.

So this full moon has immense potential for seeing the truth, and releasing illusions. However, we must actively seek it and clear our minds through meditation. Remember that each soul is a sovereign being, navigating confusion, illusions and past wounding just like ourselves. Maybe this realisation can generate more compassion, responsibility, and absolute sovereignty. There is no blame. There is only seeing the truth of ourselves and others, and taking responsibility to actualise our power and light.

In the Light of Wisdom

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 14.06.2022

Artwork: Gratitude Goddess by Mariposa Galactica

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