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Full Moon in Pisces 21 September – Ocean of Souls

The Full Moon illuminates the sign of endings and beginnings, the watery womb of the Cosmic Mother, the energy of fusion of soul and form. With the Sun at 28° Virgo, we are wrapping up the lessons of the past month, reviewing where we have been focussing our mental energy to pay attention to details and get everything in order. You may have seen small ways that you can be of service and help those around you, and commit to small actions that gradually add up to big changes. With the Moon in the opposite sign of Pisces in the last degrees, we are reminded of the why, the reason and the Source.

The themes of Pisces are bondage, redemption and salvation. The symbol depicts two fish bound together, one swimming upstream one swimming down. In a ordinary material life, a person born under Pisces may be prone to addictions of all kinds, being pulled this way and that by the currents of life. The lower nature is in charge, pulling them down through the mire of experiences, as they accumulate karma and are drawn into a negative spiral of pain and suffering. The sensitivity they feel adds to the confusion, without the light of spirit to guide them. This fish can swim through some dark waters, and become trapped in the nets of time.

When a person is born under Pisces on the spiritual path, and they are following their sacred calling, they begin to swim upstream to the place of their birth, like the salmon. The salmon is sacred to the Native Americans, as they remind us of what me must do. Not blindly go with the current of the mainstream, but use all of our energy to swim upwards and ascend, connecting with the pull of the Soul, swimming to the Source. Once released from the bondage of form and lower desires, the Soul becomes the guiding light. Then this person becomes a light to others, showing them how to release themselves from the nets of karma, untangle their bindings, and shine with their own radiance.

As we exit the Age of Pisces, where the themes of suffering and redemption were prevalent, and enter the Age of Aquarius which is all about community and collective consciousness, we must be mindful not to become trapped in those treacherous webs of karma. The fishermen of the Piscean Age have laid terrible traps for humanity. Drifting along in the mainstream waters will be increasingly toxic, leading to irreversible traps. Now is the time to set yourself free.

This full moon is a turning point, asking you, which way do you turn now? Do you commit to your Soul no matter what, and through that, Divine will? Do you have faith in the ascension, and the great plan of service that works in harmonious synergy like a great symphony? There is no looking back. The ship of your soul is here on the horizon. It is time to leave the dark waters behind forever.

The Sun is trine Pluto in Capricorn, and the Moon is sextile Pluto. These are both harmonious aspects that allow us to see obstructions in a new light. As we work with the gifts of Virgo Pisces, our own mental agility and devotion, precision and flow, and desire to serve, we find that our brilliance and light can overcome any obstacle. Life is a field of quantum possibilities, and we are co-creating each moment.

May the radiance of this moon illuminate the ocean of souls

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 21.09.2021

Full Moon 28° Pisces Harvest Moon 21 September @ 00.54 BST

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