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Full Moon in Libra 28 March – Keeping the Sacred Balance

This full moon brings some much needed peace and balance to the turbulent energies we find ourselves in the midst of. With the Sun, Venus and Chiron in Aries, core wounds are being triggered; wounds of the feminine and masculine, wounds of relationships; and the full moon in Libra offers pause to reflect. The sign of harmony and balance brings the divine scales into play, allowing us to find that point of equilibrium within.

We have a Grand Trine in Air, allowing the breeze of change to sweep through our thinking, clearing out mental clutter and bringing fresh ideas. The Libra Moon is in harmonious aspect to Mars and the North Node in Gemini, and Saturn in Aquarius. This is a positive window for communication, as the masculine aspect is challenged to communicate in a direct and assertive way, and the energies are right for mediation of disputes. Issues and obstructions in groups and communities can be discussed and resolved today, with good results. There is a balance between youth and maturity; new information and ideas that will benefit the community at large.

Mercury is conjunct Neptune in Pisces, bringing deep insights, inspiration and messages in dreams. Divine assistance is close at hand. All we need to do is open ourselves to it, as much as the eye of a needle, and it will flood through into our awareness. All things appear, disappear, reappear as if in a dream – all things can shapeshift and transform. Reality is fluid. Take care you are not being shaped by collective sorcery, but from Divine Source itself. Make sure your connection is strong. As Mercury moves through Pisces, thoughts can be vague and diffuse, and this is now balanced by the strong air element present on this full moon. We have the opportunity to find clarity in the stream of consciousness, and become aware of the deepest dreams of our souls.

Venus, Goddess of Love, the Divine Feminine, conjoins with the Sun as she renews herself in the Source light after her sojourn in the underworld. She is in the phase of regeneration and rebirth, ready to rise again as the evening star. The Sun, Venus and Chiron are all at 8° Aries, directly opposite the Moon in Libra. Deep wounds of the feminine are being triggered for healing and release, in Aries the sign of the warrior. The feminine carries wounding from the masculine aspect out of touch with source; the aggressive, violent, brash energy; the impulsive, warlike, invading energy; and the violation of human rights that we are seeing today inflicting needles, weapons and technologies where they are not wanted. Venus the Goddess is reborn in the solar light and will rise, like the phoenix, molten and powerful to stand for humanity and for Love.

The predominant Aries energy can bring disputes, hot-headed reactions and altercations. Hurts can seem magnified, passions heightened and rage like a forest fire. We are being asked to find the still point; the internal balance that allows us to detach from emotional reactions and swift rebukes. Fire burns all who stand in its way. The element of air is cooling, liberating, and like the wings of Isis can shield us from the flames of passion and intensity. The Libra moon asks us to step back, and become the watcher on the hill.

We can always take a step back into pure consciousness, no matter how intense the emotional drama. We can find that part of us that is simply watching, unattached, pure is-ness. This process of detaching allows us to see with new eyes. Let us perceive the dream, as if playing on a screen, and find our inner stability, our throne. The inner connection should be strong and stable, no matter what is going on around us. This is the soul test, as Lady Justice, blindfold, holds true to her inner values in the midst of fire, flood and hurricanes. Tsunamis and earthquakes cannot shake us from the truth. The truth just is.

This Full Moon is point of balance. Balance between inner and outer, upper and lower worlds. When things swing too far to one extreme, may the balance come. When our rights are being eroded, and humanity is under attack, may our divine galactic brothers and sisters help to restore the balance, as we champion the rights of our brothers and sisters on earth. May the Law of Life uphold the balance. May Lady Justice, Ma’at, Isis, preside over the divine scales. To walk the path of balance is to walk the tightrope over the abyss. May we hold our inner balance and not allow ourselves to be swayed. Life exists in a sacred space between extremes. May Life prevail. May Love prevail. May the sacred that exists eternally within our hearts make itself known. May the sacred warriors of the earth now find the tipping point, as our sails are lifted on the wind of the breath of life, and we fly, we soar, creating our heaven on earth.

Katy Sophia 28.03.21

Full Moon at 8° Libra, 28 March 18.48 UT, Worm Moon

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