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Full Moon in Capricorn – State of Manifestation

The Full Moon in Capricorn comes right after the Solstice, when the Sun is at its highest and the solar and lunar energies are peaking. Capricorn is a sign of manifestation, and this moon is an extremely powerful time where you will see the results of your actions in tangible form.


The Sun, Mercury and Venus have recently entered Cancer, the sign of cardinal water. Emotions are reaching overflow point. When the Sun is at its highest in the sky, we dive into the deep emotional waters within. The full moon, pulling on the tides, pulls on the waters in our bodies, and affects the emotional body, making us more aware of what is going on with our feelings.


With Mercury and Venus in Cancer, communications are more feeling based, and thoughts turn to emotional connections, friends and family, and the bonds that sustain us. People may act more irrationally and instinctively. They may also be more touchy, as triggers can predominate without balanced awareness. This is a good time to simply appreciate the connections in your life, setting aside blame and judgments, and feeling the love and support of family networks.


The full moon in the sign of Capricorn, cardinal earth, brings a balance and a focal point on what we have created so far this year. It causes us to think about business, finances and material assets, and how strong our foundations are. Life is unpredictable, and we never know exactly what the future will hold. Cancer and Capricorn go together as family needs stable structures to provide a sound environment in which to thrive. The love, nurturing and sensitivity of Cancer needs to be protected in the world, with pragmatic thinking, discipline and strength.


Capricorn asks you, what are your true goals? Beyond the material, what does your soul want to create and express? What could you do in the way of genuine service, and how could you expand that service according to your guidance and perceived needs? What is the platform necessary for you to do that?


This is where the work comes in. Capricorn is all about hard work, study, discipline, and focus. If you wish to build something, first you need the architectural plans. Then you work step by step, continually course correcting as the plans take shape in material reality. On this full moon, you may receive insight as to what you are building, and how to adjust your plans and dig deep into your inner strength.


The Sun and Moon are forming a T-square to Neptune, planet of illusions, so the message of this moon is about seeing clearly. We have been experiencing a Neptune square all week, to Mercury and Venus, and now the Sun. This can show us where we have been under the grip of illusions in our lives. The false promises, false light, and empty glamour that may have enthralled us. The matrix holds a hypnotic spell over those who are not awake. This is crunch time, and we need to see through the veils and all that is not as it seems.


With Neptune in the 29th degree of Pisces, this is a wrapping up of Piscean energy which has been affecting the collective since 2011. Much insight can be gained through pure meditation and reading the akasha. The point is, we should be under no illusions in our own lives. Neptune energy can be very seductive, and it takes what you most want, and holds it up as a bright shiny object. Take care that you are following the authentic path of spirit, and not some personal desire that will only lead you further away from your soul.


Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and with Saturn there are no shortcuts. Saturn is currently also in Pisces, bringing the law of karma to dreams and delusions, making sure they hold up or are busted in this no holds barred energy. It is time to get real. Yes, it is important to always be guided by spirit. However, we must also work within the universal laws of the material plane; of compassion, integrity, reciprocity; of love, wisdom, evolution; and the Law of One.


On this Capricorn moon, in this universal 8 year of the Wood Dragon, you will see the results of your actions, positive and negative. You will be shown what you have been building for the past eight years, what is sound and worthy, and what needs to fall by the wayside.


Thoughts, words and actions eventually become a physical reality. As do emotional states, and habitual mental focus. It is time to take responsibility, own everything, and not lean on others for blame or support. Each of us are sovereign beings. We all have the power to create and evolve, we all have the potential to receive guidance from spirit, and the ability to learn and grow. Every soul gets an opportunity from Life. Each one can change their life, and recognise the Divinity within.


All are embraced by the Great Spirit and held in the arms of the Mother.


Full Moon Blessings


Katy Sophia 22.06.2024


Full Strawberry Moon 1* Capricorn on 22 June @01.07 GMT /UT

Artwork: Capricorn by S. Grenier




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