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Full Moon in Capricorn – Diamond Soul

The Full Moon in Capricorn shines a light onto the accumulated patterns that have built up throughout your life, and offers a chance to release them. Capricorn represents concretion, and shows the results of accumulated efforts and layers of work. You will see how far you have come in terms of developing your soul gifts, and manifesting these in the world. You will also see the undesirable patterns that you would do yourself a favour by breaking.

As the Sun moves through Cancer, for the past three weeks the focus has been on emotions, how we navigate and manage them. You may have felt more emotional than usual, as suppressed feelings make themselves known. You may feel that it is time for a change in your relationships, and ways of relating. It is ok to just be present with your feelings, and allow the waters of the Mother to hold you like a baby in the womb. Feel the Divine acceptance of the Goddess, as all you are holding dissolves into love.

The Cancer Capricorn axis signifies the Mother Father energy. On this full moon, allow yourself to feel that divine support, in those areas where maybe you didn’t feel it from your own mother and father in this life. The strong backbone of Capricorn gives that paternal support and resilience, the confidence that comes from knowing you have strong foundations and can make your way in the world. The soft, nurturing quality of Cancer brings that divine love and acceptance, embracing and holding, forgiving, washing away your tears. When you meditate on these qualities, and allow them to become a part of you, this will integrate the energy of the Mother Father God within you.

At 21° this full moon is in the last decan of Capricorn. Known as the most mystical sign of all, the last earth sign, Capricorn depicts the furthest reaches of the material world and the deepest descent of spirit into matter. Once spirit has become fully embedded in matter where can it go? It can only return to God. So, Capricorn is the point where Spirit realises itself, and begins the Great Return.

Where you stand at this moment, represents the culmination of all your lives. All your experiences and the wisdom gained; your soul gifts and the extent to which you have developed them; your karma accumulated and cleared; and your soul connections who walk alongside you.

Where does your Soul want to go now?

What can you let go of to lighten your load?

What precious diamonds have you created, whose sparkle can illuminate the world around you?

Diamonds are the stone of Capricorn, as they are created under intense pressure from the basic building blocks of carbon, through eons of soul tests, challenges and initiations, to become brilliant crystalline form. So too must we transform, and thank God for our challenges, as we find the strength from within to alchemise the darkest situations. We are the stuff of stardust. Within the atoms of our body is contained the power of creation, stronger than a nuclear blast. As more external pressure is applied, we are not destroyed. We become crystalline and we ascend.

There is a beautiful symmetry with the aspects surrounding this moon. The Moon is conjunct Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, reminding us to dig deep, clear out all the toxic, stagnant energy, and deeply transform. The Sun is conjunct Mercury in Cancer, reminding us to think, speak and communicate from emotional intelligence, and approach relating in a new way. These aspects facilitate release from Mother Father emotional trauma, and the patriarchal and matriarchal systems. Indeed, a new balance can occur with the masculine and feminine archetypes and energies, integrating them deeply within ourselves.

The Sun and Moon are making beautiful supportive aspects to Neptune in Pisces, bringing guidance from spirit, and softening any challenging energies so we can flow through them with ease and grace.

The Sun and Moon are also making harmonious aspects to Uranus and the North Node in Taurus, which is showing us a new way of living on the earth, and a new way of embodying the wisdom of spirit.

There are many riches lying hidden within the energy of this full moon. Self-acceptance is the key, and feeling the strength that comes from knowing you are a Divine creation. Allow yourself to take a step back – meditate – contemplate – reflect.

When you gaze at the full moon, inwardly or externally, allow yourself to see the reflection of the Beauty of your own Soul.

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 13.07.2022

Artwork: Key to Eternity by Josephine Wall

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