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Full Blue Moon in Aquarius 22 August – a Key to Mastery

The Full Moon of 22 August is a Blue Moon, the second full moon in Aquarius this year. At the 29th degree of Leo and Aquarius, this is known as the critical degree. The entire essence of each sign is packed into this degree with super potency. We are being given the opportunity to revisit the lessons of the past month, since the full moon of 24 July, the Day out of Time on 25 July, the Mayan New Year on 26 July, the heliacal rising of Sirius and the Egyptian New Year, and the entire Lion’s Gate window we have just come through.

Falling on the 22nd day of August at the 29th degree, this lunation presents us with a key to mastery. Now we can jump to the next level, higher than ever before, if we can glide with the turning point and align with our destiny. Look at what was coming up for you around the last full moon, and the themes you have been working with during this gateway. The searing intensity of the Dog Days of Sirius, the Lions Gate energy and the new moon in Leo clearing the shadows and obstacles of the heart. What has been revealed and released for you?

As the Sun enters the last degree of Leo, this is a culmination of solar energy, revealing sovereignty and the sacred heart fire of true love. What does your heart burn for? Where does your love lie? What fire scorches your soul revealing your sacred warriorship? This is the truth of your destiny.

As the Moon moves into opposition in the last degree of Aquarius, Aquarian themes are illuminated. What is your service to community? What can you offer now and always? What is your highest calling, in terms of energy and alignment, and simply Being with the Divine presence? Radiating this energy out to humanity is the true Aquarian ideal. We have Jupiter conjunct the Moon, amplifying these qualities, and magnifying the lunar energy of this heightened blue moon. Jupiter is the great wisdom teacher, bringing generosity and benevolence. The true ruler of Aquarius, it inspires humanity to be better, kinder, more conscious, and to work together for the good of all.

On Friday the Moon conjuncted Saturn in Aquarius, and you may have become aware of obstacles, fears and doubts. The cold, distant, detached side of Aquarius was prevalent. The obstacles we face in the world community, with backward regimes and draconian restrictions, can bring out feelings of despair and dread. These are what we have to deal with together. The awareness is needed. As the Moon moves on from Saturn and conjoins with Jupiter on Sunday, pay attention to the feelings in your heart. What are you being guided to do, be, learn, explore? Now is the time to be wholehearted, without an ounce of doubt dragging you down. Place your energy forwards into the life you wish to live.

This full moon is a mastery point, if you choose to take it. Will you graduate, or will you go back to first grade? A grand trine in Earth is assisting us in grounding into the new reality. The fires of Leo have burned away much dross, and we emerge, purified, humbled and determined. What is the pure essence of what we are here to do?

Aquarius is known as the Water Bearer, bringing the water of life for humanity. The water, like the lightning glyph, represents the electric energy and light codes of pure consciousness. Life force is what inhabits and transforms reality. We have so much more Life force than we know. While everything around us is designed to weaken and imprison our life force, we can still tap into and access that pure energy of Source, and overcome all 3D illusory obstacles. Why are there forces at work trying to blind us to our own light? Because we are powerful, God-like beings.

Like the Star card in the tarot, Humanity is the conduit between earth and sky. We can connect with the divine, luminous stellar light and draw it down, pouring the essence of sacred waters into the earth. All of our healing love, our highest dreams and ideals, cosmic inspiration and flashes of genius. Wisdom and knowledge from other times, past, present and future, allow us to be victorious. The Stars and Star-beings light the way, guiding and assisting us as we become stronger on the path.

“Once you have found the beginning of the Path

the Light of your Soul will show you the Way”

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 21.08.21

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