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New Moon in Gemini 13 June - Time to Step Up

This New Moon occurs at 19.43 UT on 13th June at 22 degrees Gemini. This is yet another lunation with the master number 22.

The new moon is the beginning of a new phase, time to rest, reflect, go within and set your intentions for the new cycle. The sign of Gemini is all about communication, from your daily conversations with friends, family and colleagues, to social media, how you put yourself out there professionally, and also how you treat every person you meet on the street, on the bus, waiting your table or making your coffee.

As you enter the stillness of this new moon day, ask yourself, do you treat everyone the same? Do you communicate with love? Do you respect each individual as a sovereign being, regardless of whether they are your boss, your child, your lover, a celebrity, a monarch, or a beggar? The same spark of God is within every soul, and Gemini just wants to communicate with everyone, sharing information and news. Gemini is the sign of the child, so peel back the mask and find that youthful sense of freshness and wonder in your interactions. It’s a new day, and anything could happen. The most amazing things could transpire with the people you meet.

The Sun and Moon are squaring Neptune, and, while there may be the desire to retreat into a fantasy world, make sure you are being honest with yourself and those around you. Are others being honest with you? If an inconvenient truth is staring you in the face, don’t avoid it. Make the decision today to do something about it, because if you don’t, things may get worse and you will be partly responsible. Think clearly and know that you will be supported by the universe for doing what is right.

Mercury the ruler of Gemini has slipped into Cancer, the watery sign of sensitivity and nurturing. So communications will have a softer feel, but take care not to wound with your words as people are extra sensitive. Cancer wants to communicate from the heart, but she feels so vulnerable that she has to hide behind a tough shell to protect herself from the world. Practise being open hearted, and speaking the truth from a place of gentleness. As Mercury comes into opposition with Saturn in Capricorn, some weighty matters may come up for discussion. Be real, be truthful, and be gentle.

Venus is leaving sensitive Cancer and about to enter Leo, where she can liven up and shine like the true Goddess she is. Relationships are about to become more flamboyant and sensuous. She is moving out of opposition with Pluto, and some demons may have come up to be healed recently, in relationships past and present. Look at what has emerged, and purge or release it through talking therapy, energy healing, or a shamanic clearing session. Help those around you to do the same if needed.

As Venus in Leo opposes Mars in Aquarius, this heralds heightened attraction in relationships. It also brings out the way the sexes need to heal and harmonise with each other. We all have male and female aspects within us, regardless of gender or orientation. The male aspect as Mars in Aquarius is a warrior of freedom, community, new paradigm thinking, and co-creator of the new earth. He uses the power of thoughts and words as tools of liberation. Endeavour to support this warrior of light within you and those around you. The female aspect as Venus in Leo is a sovereign Queen, lioness of strength, beauty and the fierce divine feminine. She protects and provides for her family, whom she loves without measure, while living from her radiant heart. Feel this powerful divine feminine aspect come alive within you.

On this new moon, take some time to reflect and meditate. Take an honest assessment of where you’re at, and what you need to change going forward. It is time to master your communication skills. Hone the way you speak out for what you believe in. What gifts can you share with the world through thoughts and words? Maybe there is a book in you, or a budding speaker. Perhaps you could be sharing articles and blogs, in bitesize Gemini chunks. What authentic information could you share, that will help to elevate the people around you?

We swim in a sea of disinformation. Pearls of truth are needed. Honesty and authenticity are needed. Meditate on your offerings, and take the first step towards sharing them. Call upon the Warrior of light, who disseminates his wisdom to the community at large. Call upon the lioness Goddess, who is strong in expressing her beautiful heart. It is time to step up, and be who you are. Your voice is just as powerful and valuable as any other being on this planet.

Katy Keel 13.06.2018

Soul Radiance Astrology

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