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The White Flame of Original Purity

The purity of the white light. The fire of the white flame. The original spark of purity, the beginning, the essential goodness. This white flame is the truth, the sparkle of light in the eyes of the oracle. This Light contains the original design, the blueprint, the sacred geometry of the three in the one. The seven in the one.

This flame has burned in the hearts of many wisdom keepers since time immemorial. This flame has burned in the torches of Goddess temples, and the hearths of priestesses. This flame is eternal. Many a time did they try to put out the sacred flame with lesser fire. They did trample and burn, raze and destroy. Throughout the great cycles of time they did not succeed nor ever will they, to erase the Light of the Goddess.

Awaken all you who carry me within your hearts! Feel the sacred fire once again. Listen to the voice of the truth within. I will ignite you and nothing will remain. Do not be afraid. Truth is that which lasts for ever, for ever, for ever. All else is temporal.

This point of light in the heart of the flame, can create worlds. Blueprints of temples and sacred geometries, healing chambers and fountains, gardens of blissful remembrance. This seed knows how to live in harmony. This consciousness creates whole cities of light from ashen ground.

It is time to live again. It is time to grow again. It is time to bring back knowledge from the past, and live our full potential like a rose in full bloom. Feel this vitality coursing through your body. Know that you were once great, and will be again. Call back your abilities, your senses, your wisdom. Call back your knowing. A heart who knows God can never close the door again. This life pushes out death. Expanding like a balloon, a glorious MerKaBa, filled from within with sacred breath.

The white flame is like a thread of purity through all of our earthly experiences. All the lower emotions of anger, lust, greed, hatred and sorrow, have the white thread running through them. Our pride, jealousy and attachments have this white thread at their core. All of the times when we have acted not out of love, when we have harmed or been harmed, when we have succumbed to fear, all of these human experiences can be brought back into conscious light of wisdom and purity. When we remember that all things are one; that we are all one; that joy and hatred and sorrow are all different hues of our being; then can we pull on the cosmic thread and ignite all in the sacred fire. Know the purity in all our experiences, the conscious awareness seeking to know itself. That is why we can always come back to awareness in the midst of any emotional derailment. That thread of purity is always there. It never deserts us. We can transform the past, present and future when we align with this sacred white flame.

By Katy Keel 17.03.17

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