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A synastry chart relationship reading shows you deep soul connections with your soul mate /twin flame. It can illuminate the true nature of your relationship. Sometimes it can be hard to know whether the relationship is karmic, soul mate or twin flame which is rare. The astrology chart shows the soul path for each person, and how you connect and activate each other


Understand the true nature of your connection, the strengths and insights you bring each other, your blind spots and weak areas, and any lack of compatibility. This reading will help you to understand your partner and where they are coming from. It will also highlight karmic connections, and show you which areas of life you can best assist each other.


In a love relationship, sometimes it helps to see exactly where you are less compatible and experience friction, to understand what you are teaching each other, and to be able to interact with more harmony and grace.


A synastry reading can show you the deeper connections beyond initital attraction, and see how your relationship would fare long term.


This is a 60-90 minute consultation booked over Zoom at a time convenient for you. I will need the time, date and place of birth for each person. It is possible to do it without an accurate time, however this will need to be rectified.


Katy Sophia has experienced karmic, soul mate and catalyst relationships, and is now with her true twin flame. She offers relationship healing, and guidance on the twin flame ascension path.


Gift vouchers are available on request


Soul Mate /Twin Flame Reading

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