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Vibrational essence handmade with essential oils, crystals and Chalice Well water to cleanse your aura and environment, and raise your vibrations. This blend is imbued with the energies of Hathor, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Love. She is a Goddess of Healing, Female Health, Wellbeing, Creativity, Fertility, Music, Dance and Sacred Sexuality.

I created this blend with my knowledge of aromatherapy and divine intuition. I place crystals around it and charge it up under the full moon, while calling on Goddess Hathor to infuse it with her vibrations.

Directions: spray around your aura, spray onto your wrist, inhale and meditate. Spray in the air in your healing room or your home or workplace. Use before meditation, healing, or psychic readings. Enjoy!

Love & Blessings

Katy x



Hathor - Aura Spray

  • Standard shipping is to the UK

    International shipping to the rest of the world

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