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The Great Conjunction - Winter Solstice - Age of Aquarius

So we find ourselves at the end of 2020, and Jupiter and Saturn are together in the sky, moving into exact conjunction at 0° Aquarius on the Winter Solstice. What does the marriage of these two great planets mean for us?

Jupiter is expansion, and Saturn is contraction. Coming together they create a massive reset in our daily lives, how we express our energies, what we choose to do or not do, how we work, and how world events affect us.

When two planets are in conjunction, they merge their energies in a positive way. It is not that one dominates; although Saturn is the ruler of both Capricorn and Aquarius, so technically Saturn is in charge. However, the union with Jupiter brings out the most beneficent qualities of Saturn; and Saturn in Aquarius is the freest it can be in the airy sign of inspiration and radical innovation.

When we had the Saturn Pluto conjunction January, some very negative qualities came to fore in the form of fear, destruction and restrictions on human life. We can all see how that energy has played out this year, with the harshest energies of Saturn’s boundaries, and the destructive energies of Pluto bringing about complete deconstruction and dismantling of our societies, clearing the way for rebirth and regeneration, Pluto’s higher purpose.

Jupiter and Saturn have a completely different feel, and this is an opportunity for us to withdraw our energies inside ourselves and decide where we go next. These two giant have been moving into conjunction since March, and during the summer they were very prominent in the sky. Now they are merging into one bright star. This conjunction heralds the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, on 21 December 2020. This Age will last 2000 years.

On a personal level, these planets have opposite energies, so this is a time to withdraw from “doing” energy and allow yourself to be guided as to your next steps. The house the conjunction falls in for you is highly significant as to your role in the coming years.

Jupiter is a vast planet, symbolising expansion, and it magnifies and expands whatever it touches. It brings joy and humour, success and abundance, and an overriding sense of faith and optimism in life. The sign Jupiter occupies in your natal chart shows you where you will find your success and abundance. It is the planet of wisdom teachings, philosophy, religion, and spiritual knowledge. These wonderful abundant qualities need to be balanced by Saturn’s restrictions, as we live in a world of physical boundaries and all things exist in a state of balance. Too much Jupiter energy brings recklessness, risk-taking and gambling, over-indulgence, over-stretching yourself, and false positive thinking.

Saturn is also a teacher, teaching through the boundaries of the material world. Time and space; cause and effect; consequences and karma. Saturn has traditionally been associated with misfortune, disease and suffering, as its boundaries are unforgiving and karmic lessons can be harsh. People with strong Saturn /Capricorn energy are good at taking care of their material world. They make sure that business and finances are working for them, and the basic necessities are covered. Saturn is like the crash barrier at the edge of a cliff top road – it is there to protect us.

When there is a good balance of Jupiter and Saturn in the natal chart, the individual will have a balance between optimism and pessimism, risk-taking and pragmatism, stepping out of the comfort zone while also having a safety net in place. So now that Jupiter and Saturn are merged in a cosmic marriage, it is time for each of us to meditate on these opposing and complementary energies within us.

Where in your life are you too fearful and cautious, limiting yourself with your own mind and thereby restricting your outer circumstances? Where are you pessimistic and negative in your thinking, blocking the flow of abundance? Perhaps you are being too controlling of others, or complicit in the grand scheme of restrictions that are out of alignment with Source?

Where in your life are you over-optimistic, without putting the ground under your feet? Are you taking risks where the consequences are too great, or risks where another person would take the fall? Are you gambling with your health or squandering your money? Or do you magnify your emotions for dramatic effect?

To embody the positive qualities of Saturn, ask to be shown what healthy boundaries look like. Ground deeply into the earth, and pay attention to your material world, your home, your garden, the land in which you live. Make peace with the limits you choose to accept, and challenge those you don’t. Find your backbone, your spine, and stand strong in your own life, connected to the earth and the elements, and the natural flow of karma and time. Give something back and make amends.

To embody the positive qualities of Jupiter, tap into your innate wisdom and knowledge of life. Your soul will guide you. Find your hope, faith and optimism, and expand your energy field with a renewed sense of trust in yourself and in life. Open your heart and allow abundance in, as the energy of extending yourself to Love. Release your fears and express yourself as a child, confident in your Divine being.

“As you walk on the way, the way appears.”


As Jupiter and Saturn conjoin at 0° Aquarius, they usher in a new cycle. It is the beginning of a 200 year cycle shifting from earth to air as the predominant element, and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius which lasts 2000 years. We also have the precession gateway into the next 26,000 year cycle. So this is a momentous shift.

The Age of Pisces began with the birth of Christ, and this era has been marked by Piscean values such as sacrifice, teachings of love and compassion, healing and redemption. We have seen the birth of modern religions and also guru worship. The lower frequencies have manifested as glamour and illusion, victimhood, seduction, confusion, overwhelm, and addictions of all kinds. We are now seeing out the Age of Pisces. We no longer need to be victims, or live under the glamour of hypnosis and the veils of illusion. We no longer need martyrdom or self-sacrifice. The age of the guru is over.

So what are the values of the Age of Aquarius? As inward moving air, the key word is Inspiration. As we breathe the breath of life, we allow ourselves to be inspired in the moment by prana, the life-force. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, and the glyph is lightning. This symbolises the electric energy of Uranus, and the electro-magnetic energy of the life-force itself. This Age is about community, universal sisterhood and brotherhood, with the spirit of one family that looks out for each other. It is about giving and sharing for the benefit of all. So as existing structures break down in the world around us, we will see the Aquarian spirit emerging in the form of new communities based on shared values. Technology is prevalent; although we can expect to see new technologies that work synergistically with humans and the earth, no longer draining and toxifiying the environment. The truth is, they are already here. We now need them to be shared for the good of all people.

It is vital to consciously connect with the shifting of the Ages, the Winter Solstice, and the Great Conjunction. This is the Ascension Gateway, and we are here to anchor the frequencies, and consciously embody the light codes so that we can transform the world we live in. Derailments and distractions only serve to lower the frequency. Stay out of fear and anger, and unnecessary exchanges. This is a new beginning, and you can choose to use your energy in a whole new way. On the Winter Solstice we journey through the longest night, releasing our inner dark nights of the soul, to celebrate the return of the Light. Maintain your sense of Sovereign self as we embrace the Solar Light, embrace Love, and unite with Soul family as One.

Katy Sophia 20.12.2020

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