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Saturn Uranus square

Saturn Uranus Square: first hit 17 February

The two giants Saturn and Uranus come into exact square today, an aspect that will be affecting us throughout 2021, and until the end of 2022. Both co-rulers of Aquarius, in stressful aspect with each other they represent the old and the new.

Saturn is the last planet visible with the naked eye, and symbolises the boundaries of the material world. It rules time and space, cause and effect, physical laws and the laws of karma. In the world, it represents the old order, restrictions, limitations, and obeying rules out of fear and bondage. The majority of people in the world are falling into line with Saturnian limitations because they do not know themselves and are not questioning reality sufficiently.

Uranus symbolises the new, its discovery was a shock and its orbit is erratic. It has a shocking, surprising, electric quality to its energy. As the new ruler of Aquarius, it takes the rules of Saturn and breaks them with sheer rebellious thinking. It communicates genius inspiration, and shows us there is more to life than the unquestioned boundaries of the known world. Uranian energy is here to shake up, wake up and break up all that is outdated, heavy, suffocating and toxic. So a minority of people are expressing the energy of Uranus, looking to the future, releasing us from the bondage of the past.

The tension between these two planets is being expressed in the world around us, in conversations, communications and events. We will see this face off happening, and a continual breaking down of boundaries that are no longer relevant. Aquarian energy predominates this year, and we will even have two full moons in Aquarius! It can be helpful to look at your chart to see which houses these two planets fall, to see how they are operating on a personal level for you.

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