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New Moon in Taurus 11 May – Set your Foundations

This New Moon occurs at 21° Taurus, and we have been immersed in Taurus energy for the past three weeks. Your focus may have been on growing and building things. The energy of fixed earth is about putting down roots, getting really strong and stable in your life, and creating something of beauty and value. With so much instability in the world right now, this has never been more important.

The new moon marks a pause to reflect; a still point before we begin a new lunar cycle, which is also the beginning of longer cycles of life. It is a micro moon, which means the Moon is at its apogée, or furthest point from earth. The pull it exerts on the tides is less at this time. Likewise, this new moon affects us in a more detached way. The influence is ethereal, with an abundance of energy for a fresh start.

It is springtime in the Northern hemisphere, the month of May brings many flowers, blossoms, and new green leaves. Life is bursting forth no matter what. Mother nature is renewing herself once again, sending a signal of hope after the winter darkness. Life always regenerates itself. The sign of Taurus shows us all the beautiful things we can create with the earth element: colours, fragrances, food, medicine, homes – and everything is renewable as long as we work in harmony with the earth.

It is time to think about future sustainability in a way that benefits humanity and the earth, not nature at the expense of humanity for some twisted dystopian nightmare. Each of us must think about how to create a better life for ourselves and our children. We all have the tools, and the God-given creativity to build according to our innate inner blueprint.

The Sun and Moon are moving out of a square to Saturn. There are many obstacles and restrictions that we face, and it is time to be absolutely clear about what our boundaries are. Where do we draw the line? What will we simply refuse to tolerate? Taurus energy is very stubborn, and it is time for us to be stubborn, and stand strong. On this new moon, dig your heels in. Feel the truth in your heart, and vow to stand for all that is good and right and true. When those in authority are committing wrongs it doesn’t make them right. When all around you are going along with those wrongs, and you stand for something different, you are not wrong. Draw strength from Mother Earth and strength from the Creator. Life exists in a state of balance. Let us hold the balance now.

The Sun and Moon are moving into a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. This is a very powerful aspect. We can take all of our past pain and hardships, all the darkness and suffering, the injustice in the world, and use it as fertiliser. The deepest, darkest, toxic sludge is fuel and energy for us to take right action. As we step forward, slowly and deliberately, according to our divine blueprint and the support of Mother Earth, may we feel the ground beneath our feet. May we move forward with the strength of an ox, in the year of the Ox. We are supported. We are propelled.

On this New Moon, pause, reflect and deliberate. Meditate, and connect deeply into the earth. Put down your roots, and send your branches to the sky. Set your foundations. Feel the support of Mother Gaia, as she nurtures you and encourages you to create what is within you. Draw down your dreams. Create magic. The vision of New Earth is being held by so many, and we walk towards it in faith.

Blessed Be

Katy Sophia 11.05.2021

New Moon 21° Taurus 11 May @ 19.59 Micro Moon

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