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New Moon in Leo – Lions Gate - Accept your Sovereignty

The New Moon in Leo ushers in bold new beginnings in the midst of the fiery Lions Gate portal. The Sun and Moon align at 16° Leo, close to Mercury. The solar, lunar and mental aspects are all engulfed in the flames of regal, heart-centred energy. Prepare for your ego to be burned away.

Sirius is now aligning with the Sun, rising before the Sun like a second star. The heliacal rising of the brightest star in our sky occurs between late July and late August, depending on where you are on the planet. So the Lions Gate is a window of time peaking in August, when the stars of Orion align with the Great pyramids of Giza.

The light of Sirius is dazzling in its brilliance. The Greek name means, Scorching, which is what the torch of illumination does if you are unprepared for its penetrating radiance. The Egyptian name, Sopdet or Sothis, is a star Goddess who presides over fertility, prosperity, and the annual flooding of the Nile. Sopdet is the star of Isis, and her divine counterpart is Orion, or Osiris. As Orion aligns with the pyramids and the heliacal rising of Sirius, Isis and Osiris unite and the land becomes fertile once again.

On a personal level, this time is about being confronted with the brilliance of who you are. This can burn, as your ego tries to pull you down into 3D machinations, emotional reactions and karmic patterns. The ego must be burned away and destroyed in the fire of Leo. So you will be confronted with situations that bring out the shadows you need to heal. You can choose to embody the solar light, and the radiance of Sirius. Or you can descend into fear and doubt, suffering and pain. Your Light is still there – but your focus has shifted.

At this time, focus on the light in your heart, and consciously bring down the Solar Sirian light into your chakra column. Practise embodying this at all times. Call in your guides, and connect with the Sirians, Lyrans and Leonine ones who are here to assist humanity. Continually ask how you can be of service. As instruments of the light, we must constantly check in with our divine instructions. Being in the moment to moment flow of where the light wants us to be.

On this new moon, you can choose to let go. Let go of the karmic entanglements and shadowy ego bindings that are pulling you down. Have the courage to simply Be the Light. We are not weak. We are immensely strong, and we have the spark of the Divine within our hearts. Allow the fiery solar light to fill every cell in your body. Let it blast through your chakra column and ignite, as we enter a new phase of consciously living our light. Ask to be shown your purpose and actively engage with it, in the eternity and infinity of Who You Are. Accept your sovereignty on this, your sovereign inauguration.

May we come and go in and out of heaven through the gates of starlight

As the houses of earth fill with dancing and song, so filled are the houses of heaven

I come, in truth. I sail a long river and row back again

It is joy to breathe under the stars

I am a sojourner, destined to walk a thousand years

until I arrive at myself.

From Awakening Osiris, Normandi Ellis

New Moon Lionsgate Blessings

Katy Sophia 08.08.21

New Moon 16° Leo 08 August 2021 @ 13.50 UT

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