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New Moon in Cancer – Integrating the Shadow

The New Moon in Cancer falls near the end of Cancer season, and encourages us to drop deeper into the heartspace, reaching into our emotional intelligence to connect with new guidance. Forgiveness is one of the lessons of this sign, and when we operate from the compassionate heart, we realise that all people deserve forgiveness, and it is a way of setting them free.

It is almost a month since solstice, and we are heading into the Lions Gate nine days after the new moon. In this period of heightened energy, the new moon offers a window of introspection. It is time for some deep soul searching, to clear the last vestiges of all that is holding you back from your greatness.

Cancer, cardinal water, is the sign of the mother and child, and guardian of the emotional realms. You may have gained new insights since the solstice, into your own emotions and those of the people close to you. The reactions of others, their barriers, and their outbursts, are not reasons for judgment or hatred. They are just pointers showing you the softness of their inner selves. People are not always who they appear to be, and inner feelings are often guarded. Love is the unifying force that heals all the fractured and fragmented parts of self.

This moon is bringing up deep shadows for healing, with the opposition to Pluto in the last degree of Capricorn. It may bring up your deepest fears; trauma from the past; or material obstructions in your life that need taking care of. You may be shown scenarios in dreams, or in your mind’s eye, showing you what needs to be released. The essence of Cancer is healing love, and this dissolves all fears.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct star Pollux, one of the twin stars of Gemini. Pollux is known as the Immortal Twin, or the dark twin. In combination with the opposition to Pluto, this moon is calling you to acknowledge your own shadow, and be brutally honest with yourself. Only then can we lessen the impact of the collective shadow, and integrate polarities into the wholeness of being. The dark unexpressed self is where our power lies. When unacknowledged, it can become bitter and vengeful. When brought to light, things can finally come into balance and truth.

The week of the new moon is a week of blocks and oppositions, with the Sun Pluto opposition, and the Mars Saturn opposition. Energy for forward movement may feel restricted. This is a major turning point, as the North Node changes sign from Taurus to Aries, and certain things get put on hold as we shift into a new alignment.

Since the collective North Node has been in Taurus, the focus has been on living closer to the earth, and practical ways of making our foundations stable. The South Node in Scorpio brought out much toxic, suppressed material from power structures and society, and we are dealing with what has been brought to light.

As the North Node shifts into Aries, the focus is brought back to the individual. People have had enough, and feel deeply betrayed. As we take back our power, we realise that the torch of action lies within each of us, and the inner divine spark is what leads the way. The South Node in Libra will reveal the hypocrisy of prevailing thought patterns and arguments, the illogical nonsense that stems from living only in the head, and the imbalance of relationships we see all around us. With the North Node in Aries, we take the torch and run with it.

This week is important for showing you what you have to deal with on an individual level, so that you can rise and embody more of your greatness. As we enter the Lions Gate, energies will soar, with new solar light and cosmic energies flooding into our awareness. Humanity will shift to a new collective level, determined by the frequency of the consciousness of each of us.

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 16.07.2023

Artwork: Aurora Eventide

New Moon 24° Cancer on 17 July @ 18.31 GMT /UT

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