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Jupiter Pluto Conjunction – 444 Gateway

We are now in the 444 gateway of 4 April 2020. This amplifies the energy of the 4 year. Jupiter and Pluto are moving into exact conjunction at 2.45am UT on the 5 April, when at least one million meditators all over the world will be joining our heart and minds, in spiritual focus, power, energy and magic to assist the shift fully into the ascension timeline.

The number 4 is structure and foundation, the number of earth and the material world. The earth is going through massive changes right now, as the natural electrical fields of the earth and sky have been tampered with. So too have the earth, waters, air, wildlife, plants and forests as we know. The natural law of the earth will prevail.

The number 4 when seen as a series of 4s can also represent death, and here we are the death of the old and the birth of the new. 4 is also the number of Atlantis, and there are shades of Atlantis in our current situation, with dark scientists creating cataclysmic monstrosities, attempting to bring about another fall.

4 is the number of regeneration. With death comes regeneration, and the seeding of the new. The creative forces of the universe live on, in the pure essence of what they will be for the next incarnation. Now is the time to tap into the regenerative energy within you. The pure essence of you, the inner beauty and wisdom, your sacred path.

Deep earth connection, dying to all that is superficial and false, and regeneration of your inner seed of divinity. This is what we are being called to do.

As Jupiter conjoins with Pluto, a very powerful marriage occurs. Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld, the Goddess Ereshkeigal, complete shamanic death and rebirth. It represents a painful process where you lose everything you have, and everything you think you are. Pluto transits strip you of your finery, trappings, clothing and possessions. You are left naked, quivering in the underworld, on the cold stone floor dead to all that you knew. As you let go, and allow the regenerative energies to come to you, slowly life returns and you rebuild from the ground up. You can build a completely new body and life with the wisdom of all you have learned. The powerful transformative medicine digests and dissolves you, so that you can begin again like a embryo growing in the womb.

Pluto has been leaving its mark on the world, decimating and destroying as it journeys through Capricorn. When it conjoined with Saturn on 12 January, it heralded this crisis we now find ourselves in. Pluto plus Saturn equals death and confinement, destruction and karma, transformation of structures, rebirth and rebuilding.

Now that Jupiter is joining the Great Transformer, we have a different energy taking shape. Jupiter is the Great Benific. It expands what it touches, bringing insight, wisdom, faith, optimism and joy. It is the planet of sages and wisdom keepers. The planet of mystery schools. Jupiter is expanding the destructive and transformative energies of Pluto, almost like a magnifying glass. So things are extremely intense right now, and it may seem like everything is accelerated, sharply constrasting and larger than life.

At the same time, Jupiter is bringing the light of wisdom to the global crisis. All the combined energy of our love, wisdom and faith is creating a powerful reality, an inner space that can shift our world fully into the path of ascension, away from the negative entrapments that attempt to derail us.

Now is the time to burn bright, and feel that spark of the divine within your heart. Let it expand with the vastness of Jupiter, powerfully activating and connecting with the Lights and Starseeds, Wisdom Keepers and Wayshowers all over the planet. The force of our Love is huge. Our combined wisdom, energy and faith, our dreams, our knowing, our inner templates that we carry for Gaia, activate now.

Let us be and fully embody the frequency that we are, and do what we were born to do. The gateway is ours to walk through as we regenerate now.

Katy Sophia 04.04.2020

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