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Full Moon in Taurus Lunar Eclipse 19 November – Intensity

The Full Moon in Taurus brings a culmination of deep soul searching and unveiling of truths that the passage of the Sun through Scorpio has brought us. With the Sun, Mars and Mercury in Scorpio, deep feelings and emotions have been stirred up. Communication issues may have arisen. We are being influenced by a T-square with Mars, Saturn and Uranus that has been creating tension and conflict, pushing us one way or the other. In the build up to the lunar eclipse, you may feel pressure from all sides, expectations that you cannot fulfil, and various control dramas bringing out emotional wounding from the past. This is how Scorpio heals – by bringing things to light.

Since Halloween and the new moon in Scorpio, there has been extra spirit activity and “psychic garbage” floating around in the ethers. It is a good time to cleanse your energy field and check for entities or energies that are not yours. It is important to protect your energy field when you go out, and also when you go to sleep at night. The collective energies can be negative, dark and confusing, so strive to maintain your column of light and keep your mental focus.

The Taurus full moon is about embodiment. As a sacred sign, Taurus represents full embodiment of divinity on earth. In Egypt, the sacred bulls were revered as the embodiment of P’tah, the Creator God. The sign of Taurus relates to the earth plane, this planet, nature and the senses. As we move through the dark waters of Scorpio, searching our mind, emotions and spirit, the Taurus moon reminds us to come back to earth, ground, and land. Scorpio says, dig deeper, life is a battlefield, and I must take control. Taurus says, breathe awhile, just be content where you are for a moment.

This is a time to reflect on the balance of body and mind, the physical life and the deep psyche, fleeting pleasures and the eternal quest for the truth. Too much battling and mental probing can be draining. Maybe your body wants rest and nourishment, nature, quiet, and space to breathe. Ask your body what it wants, and listen.

The truths that have been revealed to you in the past month can now be integrated into the earth plane. What changes will you make, to live in accordance with these new insights? How can you shift your physical reality more into alignment with your inner truth?

This is a partial lunar eclipse, but it still affects us, and it has the potential for emotional release. It is a release point for all the emotions that have been bottled up, communication issues not expressed, and pressures and tensions from all sides. The Moon is conjunct the North Node, and the Sun conjunct the South Node, so there is a karmic quality to this lunation. The North Node is our soul’s destiny, the arena we are challenged to step into. Whatever is presenting itself at this time could be key for the next steps of your path. The collective North Node is in Gemini, about to shift into Taurus. We have been challenged to communicate with clarity and intelligence, and we are about to be challenged to manifest our ideas in the earth plane.

Some key aspects of this eclipse include a weighting of planets in Scorpio, Sun conjunct Mercury, in turn conjunct Mars. Deep-seated fears and insecurities, toxic emotions and unhealed pain have arisen to be cleansed from the emotional body. The less clearing you have done, the harder this will be.

We have two prominent T-squares affecting us, adding to the tension and evolutionary pressure of this time. The Sun, Moon and Mercury are squaring Jupiter, which can bring about recklessness, over-optimism and over-extending yourself. There is more pressure than ever to live according to humanitarian principles, and push back against bureaucracy and “inhuman” ways of living. The challenge continues.

The second T-square features Mars, Saturn and Uranus – a pretty obnoxious combination which is what we have all been feeling. It is not comfortable or pleasant energy, and can be aggressive, restrictive, controlling and explosive. Saturn is the Lord of Karma and asks us to check whether we are using our life force in the right way, living within a framework of ethics and integrity, with healthy boundaries. Whenever Uranus is involved, the key is to awaken and tune into high frequency ascension energies – Uranus is the new. We are the new, we are here to create change.

Venus is creating a supportive trine to Uranus, helping us to integrate these energies into our lives on a personal level. She is moving through Capricorn towards the Ascension Gate on 7 December, when she will join with Pluto and the Moon, completing her cycle as the Gemini Meta Goddess. She will begin a new cycle in January in the sign of Capricorn.

So all in all, this full moon lunar eclipse is certainly intense. Remember to ground, breathe, meditate, go out in nature and drink fresh water. Within you is the key to mastery, and the ability to harmonise all of these elements. Everything has prepared you for this time. We activate the knowledge within us, we shine our light into the shadows, and embody Divine wisdom, healing and grace.

“Warrior I am, and from the battle I emerge triumphant”

The keynote of sacred Scorpio

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 18 November 2021

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 27* Taurus 19 November @ 08.57 UT /GMT

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