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Full Moon in Pisces – Unity Consciousness

The Full Moon in Pisces pulls on many different strings, drawing on a plethora of emotions like the sign of Pisces itself, which contains the entire gamut of human experience. In the midst of the month of Virgo, we are called to remember the oneness of spirit that is guiding us, and the unity of all life.

The Virgo Pisces axis is about order and chaos. In the month of September the focus is on working hard and fine-tuning the details of your life. Virgo is precise and puts everything in order, meticulously exercising discernment and practicality, weighing up what will be truly useful going forwards. Pisces on the other hand is all about letting go, expanding into the vast ocean of oneness, knowing that everything is already perfect, and going with the flow. You are being called to balance this axis in your life now. Which one is more out of balance? Focusing on the details and putting in the work, while opening up to the mystic realms of spiritual guidance that are available, creates a rhythm and flow. Pisces is the ethereal music. Virgo is the beat that keeps time, like the heartbeat connecting you to the cosmic dance.

The Moon in Pisces is loosely conjunct Neptune, its ruler. The Neptunian essence will be felt, as the energy of spirit and dreams, and messages from your higher self. One week after the full moon, the Sun will be directly opposite Neptune, bringing this energy to the fore, and may result in confusion, deception and nebulous illusions for those not in tune with their higher guidance. Expect more confusion with Mercury retrograde! The planet of communication is retrograding through Libra and Virgo until 1 October. This is a good time to go back over relationships and past communications, look at all that is valuable and healthy in the connections you have, and seek to find more balance between the masculine and feminine. You will also be going back over details of new projects and enterprises, rather than beginning anything big.

The Moon is sextile Uranus, which brings opportunities for new and exciting developments, and inspiration for existing projects. This is an exciting time, and it pays to be alert to new connections and information. Uranus is also part of a supportive Grand Earth Trine, with the Sun and Pluto. This creates a feeling of being held, and the sense that your problems and obstacles do not have so much weight as you thought. There are infinite possibilities existing in each moment. Do not allow yourself to be weighed down by the past, but choose to live in the present and create a new future.

The Sun and Moon are in T-square to Mars, as he makes his sojourn through Gemini. A T-square is a tense aspect, and tensions can be relieved by activating the Mars energy. The highest expression of this is the divine masculine as a mental warrior and conversationalist, seeking to make connections, learn new things, and circulate information. If tensions arise, seek to keep things light! This is not the time to dwell on negativity and complex problems, just move along and refresh your mind with new and interesting topics.

So all in all this is quite a complex full moon. Pisces is the sign of the mystic who has transcended all worldly things. To reach this state means navigating the emotional realms and overcoming turbulence and derailments, becoming a master of the higher mental energy, fully at one with the Soul. We have aspects from Mars, Neptune and Uranus, energising this peaceful moon and bringing unexpected twists. Mars Neptune energy can be very seductive, so take care to tap into the Virgo energy of discernment and check things carefully. What are your desires and where do they come from? Your higher desires will lead you towards your soul and your life purpose, and soul collaborations with others. This is what the Buddha referred to as ‘healthy attachment’. Desires stemming from the lower self will lead you deeper into the material world, creating more karma and obstructions, like the fish swimming downwards, spiralling deeper and deeper into the mire (or maya).

This full moon is asking you how far you have come, how strong is your resolve, can you conquer illusions? Are you able to resist temptation and focus body, mind and soul on your higher purpose? If the answer is yes, you will be propelled forward like you cannot imagine.

Love – Peace – Unity

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 09.09.2022

Artwork: Donna Young

Full Moon 17° Pisces Harvest Moon 10 September @ 09.59 GMT /UT

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