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Full Moon in Libra – Blessings of Divine Peace

The Full Moon in Libra comes to balance all the fiery Aries energy with a window of peaceful reflection and contemplation. However, this is not a particularly peaceful moon. Aspects to Chiron and Uranus bring unexpected issues to the forefront.

We are in the midst of a big, fiery conjunction with the Sun, Jupiter and Chiron; bringing the focus onto wisdom, illumination and self-healing. Sun Jupiter in Aries is like a searing arrow of truth. It is possible to see clearly the causes of friction and disagreements. People are more likely to act impulsively, and take bold steps without thinking them through. There is a sense of courage and optimism; and also the memory of being ‘burned’ before in certain situations. So self-esteem and self-preservation are high. You may find you wish to avoid interactions where there is likely to be conflict of some kind; conversely, you may feel strong enough to deal with anything with your head held high.

The full moon illuminates the opposite sign of Libra, the sign of peace and balance. Aries, the first sign, is the “I am” energy, the self-preservation instinct, and the impulse to act without hesitation. Libra, the seventh sign, is all about considering the other person. How are they feeling? What do they want? How should I weigh up things mentally before acting? This considered reflecting is part of maturity, and allows us to have relationships without thinking only of our own needs. Everyone has a different perspective, and Libra recognises this. The sign of the law and Divine Justice, all things should be taken into consideration and weighed on the scales of truth.

The Libra moon is opposite Chiron, so the tendency is to reflect on what needs healing. Wounds may be brought into focus, triggered and remembered. In order to find peace, we must release the pain we carry inside. In order to make peace with another, we must release resentments, and make the decision whether or not to continue. The fire energy of Aries tends towards impulsive emotional reactions, and the cool air of Libra is more detached. On this full moon, it is possible to find some detachment, and look at things with a ’cool head’.

The full moon is in a quincunx (inconjunct) aspect to Uranus, which brings sudden unexpected events, shocks and changes. This aspect brings irritating problems and issues emerging from ‘left-field’. Be prepared for all eventualities; however, things are still likely to catch you off guard causing disruption and delays to your plans. The energy of the full moon builds for three days prior, and takes three more days to fully dissipate.

The message of this lunation is to keep your balance no matter what. The Eostre full moon is very sacred; Eostre is a time of rebirth and renewal. A culmination of the energy of the Spring Equinox, the Sun and Moon entering Aries, and the new astrological year; this full moon illuminates the sign of Harmony and Divine Order. Peace begins within. Balance begins within. Once we learn to control our own emotions and our own psychology, we will begin to have a balancing, stabilising effect on those around us. Being calm and balanced is not always easy. One is always walking the inner tightrope, the razor’s edge between two extremes. As we approach the month of May, the sacred month of the Buddha, we are reminded of the sacred ‘Middle Way’.

This full moon also marks the mid-point of Ramadan, the holy month of Islam. It is a time to reflect on the unity of all peoples, religions and ways. As Helena Blavatsky intelligently stated, all religions come from One Universal Source. God is One. Life is One. Love is One. May all beings find harmony and peace.

Om lokah samasta sukhino bhavantu

Om lokah samasta sukhino bhavantu

Om lokah samasta sukhino bhavantu

Om shanti om shanti om shanti

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 06.04.2023

Full Pink Moon 16° Libra on 6 April @05.34 GMT /UT

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