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Full Moon in Gemini Lunar Eclipse 30 November - Open your Mind

This Gemini full moon is a time to reflect, connect, and lift your spirits with stimulating conversations. This is the “festive full moon” before Yuletide when we circulate and catch up with friends and family. Like the element of air, we seek to move freely, sharing information and allowing ourselves to have fun in the moment, whatever our environment may look like. We simply cannot do without the human spirit of hope, youthful curiosity and innocent enthusiasm.

Gemini is symbolised by the child who is learning to use their intellectual mind. It is the spirit of learning through connectedness with all things. Like the child of Gemini, may we be open to new information, and not close our minds like tired adults who are set in their ways and fixed in their thinking. Gemini is mutable air, always moving, spiralling around like a bee or a hummingbird, getting to know different kinds of flowers. Known as the “social butterfly”, in this spirit it is time to circulate and learn new things from the different people in your life.

The Moon at 8° Gemini opposes the Sun at 8° Sagittarius. So we balance these poles which are about learning and knowledge on all levels. Sagittarius is the big picture, the broad horizon, the higher and deeper study. The wisdom teachings and the practice of faith and trust in the universe. Sagittarius is ignited by the fire of inner wisdom, while Gemini needs to sidestep the intellectual mind and not let it dominate. Where in your life are you overthinking things? Where is it that you cannot see the wood for the trees? Sagittarius reminds you to open your mind and see the broader view. Relax, trust in yourself and in life. Trust in the Divine.

Gemini also tempers the recklessness of Sagittarius by wanting to know all the information before taking the leap. It is good to do your own research, and understand the components of things before gambling on a certain outcome. Where in your life are you “winging it” without proper regard for the details? Where are you overstretching yourself, or going to excess? The intellectual mind serves a purpose. So does learning about people and what makes them tick. Reaching out, networking and connecting will lead to more abundance and shared visions. It will also show us who needs our help.

The Sun and Moon are in T-square to Neptune in Pisces, which lends a sense of dreamy confusion to this moon. Squares to Neptune tend to bring out the difficult qualities of this planet: illusion, deception, glamour, seduction, and things being not quite what they seem. Neptune also has themes of loss and confusion. If there is a situation you are not sure about, it is important to meditate and gain clarity on it, then check what you are shown. Do not be seduced by things of no substance. In the world situation there is major deception occurring, particularly with regards to the future. It is one thing to be positive and optimistic, which is healthy, however it is imperative to be awake to the true motives behind on-going events.

Venus in Scorpio is opposite Uranus in Taurus, bringing shocks and surprises in love. As Venus moves through Scorpio, she is bringing out all the deep feelings and emotions, and the baggage that needs healing and releasing. It is time for a purge in relationships; make sure you cleanse yourself from past lovers, old wounds and betrayals, and anywhere you are holding onto hurt or resentment. You may find past events or conversations passing through your mind. Old memories suddenly appearing as fresh as day. These are asking to be released and transformed into highest gratitude, or neutralised so they cannot do harm.

The opposition to Uranus brings sudden karmic encounters, fated love, and mirror souls who wake you up to the truth of who you are. Venus is quincunx the Full Moon, and Uranus is quincunx the Sun, so there is a fated quality to this lunation. Soul mates and karmic relationships will be revealed, past and present.

The penumbral eclipse of the Moon is not a major total eclipse; however it serves as a reflection point, and an opportunity for a mental reset. The intellectual clarity of Gemini combined with the far-reaching wisdom of Sagittarius can lead to revelations. Relax, let go, and open your mind. Meditate at the time of the eclipse and the exact full moon. When you let go of preconceived notions, new insights are revealed.

Katy Sophia 29.11.20

Artwork: Gemini Goddess by Roberta Orpwood

Full Moon 8°Gemini 09.29 GMT Monday 30 November

The eclipse takes place between 07.32 – 11.53 GMT

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