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Full Moon in Capricorn Lunar Eclipse – Consolidation, Transformation, Ascension

This Full Moon takes place at 4.44am UT on Sunday 5th July. It is also a penumbral lunar eclipse, wrapping up this series of eclipses which began one month ago with the Full Moon in Sagittarius. It is the closure of an emotional cycle, which is connected to Mercury retrograde in Cancer, and the completion of Venus retrograde in Gemini and the beginning of her new cycle.

Capricorn is a sign of consolidation. It is the last earth sign, the sign of spirit becoming condensed in matter. In esoteric teachings it represents the organisational consciousness. As a molecule becomes something different from the individual atoms that make it up, so a group or an organisation becomes an entity which is more than the sum of its parts.

The Sun and Moon oppose each other at 13° Cancer and Capricorn, bringing this axis into focus. The polarities of balancing home and business, family and work, emotional sensitivity with being practical and pragmatic. This is the axis of tradition and authority. Capricorn represents the established order, which Pluto has been decimating since 2008. The Full Moon here highlights all the changes that have and are occurring in our world, as structures crumble and the elite cabal loses its grip.

The opposition with Cancer is reminding us that emotional sensitivity, kindness and caring are needed. Our world has been driven by corporations who put profit over people. This has led to the destruction of life. It is time to put people over profit, and realise that the world should be run by people, for the people, and humanity must live in harmony with the earth.

So these themes are very prevalent at this time, and there is a powerful shift occurring, as a deep instability and imbalance is affecting all of us at once. This is the earthquake moon. We are all connected, the earth is ascending, and all the timelines are merging into one. Karma and akashic records are being revealed. We are feeling all of it, it is being condensed and consolidated in the light of this Capricorn moon.

The Sun in Cancer is conjunct Mercury retrograde, so these energies are intensified. You may notice issues with communications going awry, and technology malfunctioning. Also hidden emotions are coming to light. Feelings are being purged and released. Whatever you have been holding onto will emerge and be revealed. You may be forced to confront certain issues with people around you. The release is healing.

The Sun and Moon are in T-square to Mars and Chiron in Aries. This is a volatile combination. The T-square was very active on the 4th July, American independence day and the day the UK came out of lockdown. It is a formation that brings conflict and tension. Things are not running smoothly and even though business, shops, bars and restaurants may have opened, there is a jarring energy as freedoms are restricted and things cannot flow naturally.

Moon square Mars brings domestic strife, arguments, and frictions to light. Great awareness is needed in order to not fall prey to this. Sometimes explosions are necessary. Chiron is there with Mars, bringing awareness of the wound, the need to heal anger and aggression, and the ability to channel the active energy into a higher expression.

The Sun and Mercury in Cancer square Mars Chiron in Aries brings a conflict with emotions and actions. The perception of feelings is at odds with rash unconscious actions. This aspect could be like lancing a boil, with the result being more conscious actions taking feelings into account.

The Moon is making a flowing trine to Uranus in Taurus, so open your intuition for new ways to present themselves. Inspiration could strike, and a new path open up for you. The Sun is in a flowing trine to Neptune in Pisces, and it is possible to align your consciousness with a higher intelligence and shift into 5D.

This is a highly pressurised Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, with emotions at boiling point. The Lunar light in Capricorn reminds us to call down the highest spiritual light into our world, so that existing structures can be completely transformed. Transform or die – evolve or die. That is the choice we are faced with.

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 05.07.2020

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