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New Moon in Capricorn Solar Eclipse 26 December - Set your Foundations

This New Moon occurs at 05.13 UT on 26 December, at 4 degrees Capricorn, with a “Ring of Fire” annular Solar Eclipse visible in Saudi Arabia, India, Africa and Asia.

Keywords are: Focus, alignment, introspection, going within, death and rebith, building anew, launchpad, shift, rest and reset, harvest, abundance, Cosmic Creators.

With no less than five planets in Capricorn, plus the collective South Node, we are feeling the tension and sombre measure of this alignment. It is time to set the foundations.

This is a somewhat serious lunation happening just after Christmas, so people may be feeling grouchy, withdrawn, and anti-social, in contrast to the flamboyant Sagittarius Moon on Christmas day.

We are emerging from the Solstice on 22nd December, and Sun conjunct the Galactic Centre from 18-20 December. You may have gone very deep. The lightcodes and energies were profound and intense. This connection to the Source affects all of us, consciously and unconsciously. Shifting, resetting, realigning. You may have become aware of your true values, and discarded things no longer of any importance to you. This is the time to take a long, deep, look at your life. Are you living in accordance with who you truly are?

We have an opportunity to rest in the winter stillness and re-emerge without our cloaks of yesteryear. Be like a baby, pure and newborn, with the wisdom of the years behind you.

The Sun and Moon are within one degree of Jupiter, so this is actually a very abundant time for those who have laid their foundations correctly, and are prepared to put in the work. Everything you have built so far, especially in your career, has the potential to leapfrog and expand you into a whole new sphere. This will be a time of reaping a harvest for some.

The Sun and Moon in Capricorn are very self-contained, introspective, and serve to focus the inward moving energy of the Solstice four days earlier. Capricorn is mature earth. It is the sign of the Master Builder, the architect, and the one who calls down spirit into its highest expression in form.

Being cardinal earth, Capricorn is a very pragmatic and practical sign, not outwardly emotional or sentimental. The focus is on business, hard work, ambition and achievement. This is why the lower expression of the sign can be materialistic. With the collective South Node here, all the unbalanced materialism is being exposed and rejected piece by piece. The toxic practices of corporations, establishments, and the accepted structures of our lives have been crumbling since 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn. Saturn is now conjoined with Pluto, the ruler of Capricorn, bringing sacred balance and building anew.

The world appears to be in chaos, with dramatic changes happening on many levels. The old must die for the new to enter. We are in a death and rebirth process, and building from the ground up is necessary and good. It takes energy and effort, discipline and commitment, which are solid Capricornian traits.

The sea goat emerges from the depths of the ocean, and sets its sights on the highest mountain. Like the goat, we ascend step by step. Stopping to admire the view, catching our breath and honouring how far we have come. Step by step we will get there, for the pinnacle of consciousness awaits us. The truth is we are already at the summit. We are the mountain and we are the climb, the journey and the journeyer are one.

It is possible to use all this heavy, serious Capricorn energy as a launchpad. Take the time to go within, and reflect on the past year. Were the choice you made good choices? Or are there things you wished you had done, and now need to make a priority? No matter how hard it seems, set your intention and ask for Divine assistance. You can do it. Just choose it.

Look at where you are on the climb of your life. Where is 2020 calling you to? Which parts of the earth are drawing you? What is it you desire to build or create? What is your contribution to the New Earth? The answers you seek are always within. On this introspective New Moon, become aware of the entire universe inside you. You are a Cosmic Creator. We all are.

Capricorn New Moon 2020 Blessings

Katy Sophia 26.12.2019

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