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New Moon in Scorpio 28 October - Lunar Samhain – Diwali

The New Moon occurs at 4 degrees Scorpio on Monday 28th October at 3.38am UT. This is lunar Samhain in the Celtic tradition and Diwali in the Hindu tradition. At this time, the veils between worlds are thin and ancestor spirits may make themselves known. Angels and spirit guides are close. In the Northern hemisphere the autumnal energies are very mystical, and in this darkest of moons, the Indian festival of Diwali celebrates the victory of the Light over the darkness. Many candles are lit and many fireworks ignite.

This new moon is the beginning of a new cycle, and in the sign of Scorpio, it is very profound. This is the time to shed your skins like the snake, and release all that is outworn and outmoded. Scorpio transforms by releasing and letting go, revealing the inner strength and purity that cannot be tainted.

We dive into the darkness, the deep waters of the emotional realms, and learn all about the ways we can be controlled by ego and the poisons of ignorance, pride, jealousy, attachment and hatred. If we are unconscious of these, we can be manipulated and used to harm others. “Know thyself” is a mantra for Scorpio, and this self-knowledge can then become a tool for compassion and healing.

This New Moon sees the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in the sign of Scorpio. So this intense energy is dominating love, relationships, communications, and our inner and outer selves. Pay attention to any deep insights you may receive. Open your inner vision, your third eye, look around you, and see with clarity. If triggers come up in your relationships, this is to be expected. They are showing you what needs healing. You may get good insights into another’s psyche, and why they are acting a certain way. When you see clearly, you can forgive and remain detached and loving.

The Sun and Moon are directly opposite Uranus in Taurus, so this lunation has an unpredictable energy. Anything could happen, things may not go to plan, and sudden unexpected events can occur with far-reaching changes. Focus on staying calm and grounded, connect with nature where possible, and think before you speak. Unconscious Scorpio energy can be very cutting!

This is a good time to set your intentions for the coming month and year, and write a list of things you wish to manifest in your life. Scorpio is a water sign, so self-care can include Dead Sea /Himalayan salt baths, anointing with sacred oils, and visualising the element of water cleansing your body and energy bodies.

Take time to create sacred space, enter the stillness, and be open to the mysteries. At this powerful magical time, all will be revealed to those who have eyes to see.

Katy Sophia 28.10.2019

Soul Radiance Astrology

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