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Sun into Scorpio - Season of Magical Alchemy

As the Sun enters Scorpio, it illuminates all that was previously hidden. Since the Autumn equinox, it has been moving through the airy sign of Libra, balancing karma and relationships, bringing appreciation of beauty and love, and highlighting issues of truth, justice and logical discussions. Now we sink deeper into Autumn in the Northern hemisphere, and we dive into the deep waters of Scorpio. The trees are turning red and copper gold, shedding their leaves, the days turn dark and misty, as we prepare for Samhain and the thinning of the veils.

Scorpio is a very complex sign, symbolised by the Scorpion, a creature with a strong survival instinct and the famous sting in its tail. The scorpion, however, rules the lower level of Scorpio, the world where people are ruled by the lower astral emotions such as jealousy, hatred, revenge and betrayal. This is the underworld of crime and controlling consciousness which is widely portrayed in film and entertainment. We are being programmed with the lower Scorpio toxic behaviours to attempt to keep us locked into the lower astral levels.

As we ascend, we learn to connect with our higher nature and sublimate the lower urges, so that we are no longer governed by animal and tribal instincts. Scorpio is the sign of alchemy, as it reveals all that is taboo, shines light into the darkness, and transforms the negative, ‘venomous’ energies into positive energy that can fuel us in the totality of who we are. This is the meaning of turning lead into gold. The symbol of this aspect of Scorpio is the Eagle, who soars above, sees all, and in many cultures is a symbol of Spirit.

Once we heal from past traumas, gain accurate insight into ourselves and our journey, and transform our energies in this way, then we become something greater than we ever thought possible. This is because our Soul and higher self can become fully embodied in this life. This is when the true magic occurs. The past no longer has any hold over us, because we recognise it as illusory. No-one has any power over us because we understand our true sovereignty, as sparks of the Divine. When that spark ignites, and becomes a flame in our hearts, we become like the Phoenix, born anew as a miraculous being. This is the third symbol of Scorpio, the Phoenix of life, death and rebirth.

Scorpio is the sign of sex, the kundalini and the life force itself. Once past traumas and misuse of sexual energy are healed, we can claim this energy to awaken and revitalise our body, mind and spirit. Sacred sex practices are a way of working with and transforming this great power within us.

So the next thirty days are a time of personal and collective alchemy. If you can dream it, you can do it. How will you transform yourself into your highest soul expression, walking here on earth? How will you alchemise your lower nature, bringing more energy and fuel to your dreams?

Ask yourself the question, who is in charge. When you are about to embark on a course of destructive thinking or behaviour, who is in charge? When you are about to indulge your addictions, who is in charge? Is it the lower aspect of you, who wants a quick fix? Or is it your higher nature, who truly wants the best for the whole of you?

To a Scorpio, life can be a battlefield, and a struggle to survive. The real battle takes place within, as you let go of the lower controlling forces and allow your soul to take the reigns. This is the spiritual meaning of sovereignty.

Once you relinquish the fight, many mysteries are revealed. The mysteries of the psyche, the mysteries of life, the inner mysteries of soul and spirit. As the veils thin on the Day of the Dead and Samhain, our ancestors draw closer, and we can connect with our spirit guides and angels. Scorpio is the sign of surrender. When you truly surrender, everything comes to you with ease. Acceleration and ascension are yours.

Katy Sophia 24.10.2019

Soul Radiance

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