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Super New Moon in Libra 28 September Gateway of Divine Balance

This New Moon occurs at 5 degrees Libra, on 28 September at 18.26 UT. The Sun and Moon are opposite Chiron, and Venus and Mercury are also conjunct in Libra. Coming five day after the Equinox, this is the time to really let go of the summer months and all that we have experienced, and begin the descent towards winter. We turn in and embrace the lightcodes that are alive within us, and see what the Divine wants to create through us.

Keywords are: Balance, harmony, peace, justice, beauty, love, initiation, gateway, divine order, atonement, release, ending of cycles, new beginnings, sacred marriage, hieros gamos, divine feminine and masculine, union, bliss.

Every new moon is a new beginning, and Libra is the sign of marriage and relationships. This is the time to bring balance to all your relationships, and bring your inner masculine and feminine into sacred union. The feminine is receptive, yielding, intuitive, knowing and creative. The masculine is active, outgoing, dynamic, synchronistic and manifesting. Meditate on how you can balance these energies in your life, so that you have the inner guidance and the outer manifestations, and the bliss and completeness that radiates beauty to all those around you.

The Sun and Moon opposite Chiron in Aries will likely trigger unhealed wounds, so be alert and aware to what life presents you with. Love your triggers, and practise not projecting onto the other person. Look for the highest way of dealing with issues that come up. Maybe you need to be more peaceful and forgiving, and let things go. Maybe you need to be fierce, like Lady Justice, and stand up for yourself and others. Feel the balance in each situation and respond accordingly. Old fears may surface, as if they are truth, so search your heart and find that deep inner security. Love is the truth, fear is the shadow of what you don’t want. Remember to keep your focus on what brings you joy, as manifesting abilities are heightened at the new moon.

You may find yourself seeing events from the past, seemingly randomly placed there in your mind. Shine the light of awareness with divine detachment, and allow it to release with lessons consciously accepted.

This is a powerful time, and the key is to keep that lightness and grace, as you glide through fields of awareness. Chiron is the key, opposite the New Moon, allowing you to open and access all that you need to pass through this gateway into a new state of divine balance.

The heightened solar energy and geomagnetic storm synchronising with this Super New Moon brings even more revelations, with the increased frequencies and gamma waves lifting you to a higher state of being. Everything depends upon the energy within you. Feel yourself light up like a supernova, with the cosmic codes of creation alive within you. The power to create is the power to change your life, and bring about the new earth we are dreaming of. It is here now.

Venus Goddess of Love joins Mercury God of the Mind in late Libra. The heart and mind are in accord in the sign of sacred balance. They are squaring Pluto in Capricorn, saying that your heart and mind and the beauty within you can bring about a change in this world. It is our time to make a difference. Just do what you are called to do, and the divine symphony will shift frequency as we all awaken and coalesce. Venus is moving out of a square with Saturn, and the hardships you have been experiencing will get easier.

This New Moon, focus on beauty that will transform ugliness. Focus on love that will transform hate. Focus on harmony that will transform conflict and discord. The Sun and Moon are in quincunx to Uranus. We go on planting the seeds of the new earth, building on all that has gone before. Victory is ours, success is ours because love always wins.

New Moon blessings of bliss, harmony, balance, beauty and love.

Katy Sophia 28.09.2019

Soul Radiance Astrology

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