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  • Katy Sophia

Sacred Journey & Goddess Retreat Egypt 2019

This November myself and a group of women will be taking a sacred journey through the land of Egypt.

What is it about this land that has such a magnetic pull?

Egypt holds the origins and foundation of our civilisation. Whilst European culture was founded by Greece and Rome; the Greeks and Romans brought knowledge from their time as rulers of Egypt which has seeped into the marrow of Western culture, from religion to astrology, aromatherapy, and cosmology.

Many of us feel connected to Atlantis and Lemuria; however, Egypt is a place that we can still visit, and feel the vibrations of the land and the temples. Egypt is a still active gateway, which enables you to access the keys and codes of your DNA and star origins.

Each temple is known as the House of the Divine, which means that you would enter there to experience the direct energy of that Neter. These energies are still present. Every temple began with a foundation stone, known as the holy of the holies. Over the years, the temple would be built outwards around this original shrine. The Greco-Roman temples are more recent, but sites such as Dendera and Edfu were built on the sites of the much older ancient Egyptian temples and foundation stones. You can begin to imagine the level of profound and powerful energies they contain.

The ancient Egyptians had a practice of imbuing a statue with the lifeforce of the Neter it represented. So these were not simply idols that were worshipped, they were a way for people to connect with that energy directly, Neteru being aspects of universal consciousness.

The black granite statue of Sekhmet at Karnak holds the Shakti, or lifeforce of Sekhmet herself. Many people report powerful experiences in this chamber, such as sounds, lights, orbs, or seeing the statue move or speak.

Our spiritual journey begins at the majestic Karnak temple, where we will experience this profound gateway to the mystical teachings. After immersing ourselves in the energy here, we will have private time in the chapel of Sekhmet, meeting the lioness Goddess and asking her to transform some obstacle or obstruction. Last year, the women in my group each worked with a black stone, blowing their problems or obstacles into it, and offering it to Sekhmet to be transformed. Later they threw the stones into the Nile. They all experienced powerful transformations and kundalini awakenings.

After being activated at Karnak and beginning the journey, we will soak in the magic of Luxor and the surrounding areas, experiencing Luxor temple at night, and travelling to Denderah, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and the Valley of the Kings and Queens.

Each temple and power place activates a particular chakra, and throughout our journey we will be doing chakra meditations, and Sekhem healing to alchemise and transform what we are working on.

At Denderah we connect to the energy of Hathor, and the beautiful healing energies of working with anointing oils and medicines, the divine feminine essence of sacred sexuality and joy, and the magical energy of the stars. We will meditate in the shrine room, and honour Hathor with our offerings of sacred oils.

As we embark on our Nile cruise, we begin the journey into the magical lifeforce of ancient Khemet itself. The Nile is mirrored in the sky by the Milky Way, and the cosmic body of Nut. Many mysterious things occur when you sail down the Nile, and surrender to the power of the waters, the elements, the Egyptian sun and the stars.

At the Temple of Horus at Edfu, we connect with the Divine Masculine energy of Horus, the falcon God. Son of Isis and Osiris, he is the Divine Being and Living Pharoah who gives life to all of the Pharoahs by holding an ankh to their nostrils. We will experience the element of air, and the supportive fatherly energy of the enlightened Divine Masculine.

During our Nile cruise we will stop at many intriguing places, such as Gebel Silsila, the sandstone quarry that gave birth to all the major temples of Egypt. What power and mystery is seeded in this land, in these rocks and shrines where we can sit and meditate in silent contemplation.

Disembarking at Kom Ombo, we will experience the temple of dark and light, and holding the sacred balance. One side is dedicated to Horus the Elder, with the original shrine stone, and the other side is dedicated to Sobek the Crocodile God, with the original shrine stone. Here we can connect with the deep kundalini energy of the sacred crocodiles, which would swim in the underground waters and give power to the temple.

After four nights on the Nile, we dock at Aswan and arrive at the Isis Temple at Philae. Here we connect with the energy of Isis herself, the Great Mother, High Priestess and Alchemist. Her beautiful presence is here, and as we wander the temple chambers and meditate in the grounds, we experience the pure heart essence of this sacred place, remembering priestess lives.

Our group will have time to relax in the peaceful haven of Aswan, and integrate all our experiences and activations as we rest in the welcoming Nubian guesthouse on the Nile. There will be free time to explore Aswan, the markets and spices, the Nubian village and nearby islands.

An early morning drive into the desert to Abu Simbel is the culmination of this sacred journey, watching the Sun of Ra rise over the desert sand, and exploring the majestic temples of Ramesis and Nefertari. Out by the brilliant blue of Lake Nasser, our group will enjoy a powerful and memorable last day.

Soul sister bonds, heartfelt connections, powerful awakenings and deep transformations are some of the gifts you will take from this journey, with your cells and your DNA forever changed. When Khemet calls you, a profound gift awaits. It is for you to accept it and unwrap it.

Katy Sophia 10.08.2019

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