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  • Katy Sophia

Sun into Leo – Sirius Rising – 8.8 Lions Gate

Today the Sun enters Leo, its own sign, the regal fixed fire of the Lion. This is a time to revel in the solar energy, and focus on living from your heart.

The Lion calls us to recognise our sovereignty, and be fearless. So many people protect their hearts, as it sometimes seems the only way to survive in this world. We are taught to shield and guard our emotions, be “tough” and men especially are taught to “man up” and suppress or deny their feelings.

Many people are simply living from the survival instincts of the base chakra, and the gratification of the sacral chakra. This is what is projected onto us every day by the media and the messages we are bombarded with, to have more, get more, work ourselves into the ground so we can purchase more and enjoy more, but the goal is always in the future. We need more technology and more gadgets just to live a normal, stress free life. But it’s never enough.

Leo rules the Heart chakra, and when we truly live from the heart, it balances all the chakras in the body. Left and right, above and below. This means balance of the spiritual and material world, inner and outer, masculine and feminine, mental and emotional. When we live from the heart, we realise we are connected to all other beings in the universe. We realise that life is a precious mystery, and we are here to enjoy our connections, to feel alive, to love, and simply be.

Living from the heart is fourth dimensional, and connects you the path of service. The moment you acknowledged the path of service, you were in the fourth dimension. We are not here to merely exist and struggle, as cogs in a machine, and this makes us human. When you turn away from the well-trodden path, and begin to live your truth, this is when many encounter opposition from friends and family. Then begins the falling away.

The path can be hard and dark at times, many of us have experienced not one but several dark nights of the soul. Following the heart, aligning with your soul purpose, shifting into 5D, aiming to live in integrity in your work and all your relations. This is swimming against the flow of the world we live in, like the salmon who swims upstream to the place of its birth.

With the Sun in Leo, we can feel the solar fire burning in the Heart chakra, giving us the strength to continue. What is more powerful than the solar principle? What is more powerful than an unguarded heart, with the courage (Coeur –age) to be vulnerable, authentic, fiercely loving, regal and sovereign as the Lion /Lioness that you are?

In this time of Leo, focus on what makes your heart sing. Your heart will always speak to you, with a lightness, with a resonance, with a surge of emotion. When you truly connect to your soul path and Divine purpose, you will feel that music in your heart that bring tears to your eyes.

It is time to remove the layers around your heart, placed there for protection in an insane world. It is time to put down the armouring, the shields, and pull out the arrows of wounding words, and the stones of grief. It is time to draw all the sadness out of your heart. Love your precious heart, for in your heart is your inner child. This child wants to play, to dance, to sing. This child wants to laugh with you. Cherish and nurture this beautiful child.

Solar Sekhem Meditation

Meditate on the solar energy filling your heart, burning away obstructions with divine golden light. This will purify and transform your heart space. Connect to our Sun, and through this Sirius which is about to rise before the sun on 26th July. Through Sirius connect to the central Sun of the galaxy, Alcyone in the Pleiades. Through Alcyone connect to the inner suns, and the Great Central Sun. Bring this energy through, and visualise a Solar disk above your head, moving slowly downwards. Open your crown chakra like a beautiful thousand petalled lotus. Bring the Sundisk through your third eye, your throat chakra, and into your heart. Meditate on this pure love and solar energy filling your heart and radiating out to all beings. Then bring it down through each chakra, grounding into the centre of the earth.

Doing this meditation leading up to the Lions Gate portal on 8th August will help to align you to your Divine purpose.

As Sirius rises before the Sun in late July, the light codes begin flooding the planet with the energy of enlightenment, crystalline consciousness and Divine inspiration. This energy supports us to be ourselves, to not falter, to be strong in who we are. As we enter August, the stars of Orion’s belt align with the Great pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. This was a magical time for the ancient Egyptians, coinciding with the annual flooding of the Nile and heralding the beginning of a New Year. This portal peaks on 8.8 the 8th August, while the Sun is in Leo, and the Sphinx, the Lioness guardian and ancient record-keeper is the focal point on earth for this incoming energy.

During this powerful gateway, take the time to tune into your Divine inner knowing. All the answers are within you. Focus on the solar energy; and if you wake before dawn you will see Sirius rising just before the sun. Feel the lightcodes streaming in. Consciously connect to your Divine purpose, and ask to embody more of it, ask to embody it fully in your daily life. Be Lion hearted. Be courageous. Know that the solar fire will fill you up from within. Your heart is connected to the Heart of the Sun, and the Great Central Sun itself. The key to all the mysteries is within your own heart.

Katy Sophia

Soul Radiance Astrology 23.07.2019

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