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New Moon in Capricorn Solar Eclipse – Big Wheels are Turning

The New Moon on January 6 had a very strong Capricorn flavour to it, with five planets in Capricorn: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. The energies being incredibly dense and sombre, keywords are: business, finances, karma, comeuppance, wheel of fortune, boundaries, discipline, responsibility, power, abuse of power, structure, order, leverage, pivotal point, rebirth.

The Sun and Moon formed a conjunction with Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, and Pluto, who has been travelling through this sign since 2008, causing the breakdown of established structures the world over. So this is a particularly heavy New Moon, connecting to serious issues in your life. Perhaps relationships and communications are coming to a head, as issues can no longer be ignored. Matters of business and finance are significant now, you will see the results of your efforts and work well done, as this is a massive leverage point. If things have not been properly constructed then you may experience fallout from this now.

This is a time of karma and comeuppance for those who have built on unstable ground, without regard for the wellbeing of people around them. However, if you have put in good actions, hard work and kind deeds, and have been waiting to see the results, you may see them now.

This New Moon is an incredibly powerful pivotal point. This is time to seed your intentions deep into the earth of Capricorn. Visualise the mountain you aspire to, and build it and climb it step by step. Capricorn is the most ambitious and successful of all the signs, simply because the goat achieves things step by step. One foot in front of the other is all it takes, and a clear focus and direction. You cannot fail. Continually connect to spirit, and continually realign your path, and you will get there.

Capricorn is the sign of spirit descending into matter. Without spirit, it becomes too materialistic. This is what we see in the world of business, when people are too focused on money instead of people. True colours will be revealed at this time, and those who put humanity first will start to succeed and teach those around them. Spirit is filling the material world, more than we know.

The New Moon is sextile to Neptune, so there is an opportunity for spiritual development, no matter how hard things may seem. Pay attention to the messages you receive at this time. Inspiration is at hand, and new way of being in the midst of adversity.

With Mercury in Capricorn squaring Mars in Aries, communications could be fraught, with angry outbursts occurring. If this happens simply detach and remember that everything is energy. Most people are just reacting to it without understanding why. Conversations will focus on the structures of your life, your work, your relationships, your plans. Mars in Aries wants to forge ahead, and create new pathways. Capricorn is pragmatic, slow, serious and somewhat cautious. So these elements may clash. If others try to make you wrong, remember your Sovereign self.

Jupiter is happily traversing through Sagittarius, giving us all hope and optimism in the midst of all the dense serious energy. Venus, Goddess of Love, has just entered Sagittarius, after her long, dark sojourn through Scorpio. Love relationships will enter a new phase of buoyancy, fun, and perhaps travel! It is time to expand your horizons, and see how you can grow in new ways. Perhaps you will begin a whole new love affair with yourself.

The Solar Eclipse on this New Moon marks a profound new beginning. The areas of life represented are being given a fresh start. So if you want to start a new business, enterprise, or get serious with something in your life, now is the time. Think of this moment as a springboard. Allow the dense energies to fall away, and feel yourself rising in higher and higher frequencies. You can create your life with energy now.

This is a powerful portal, so have the courage to face whatever emerges, vanquish your demons, and allow yourself to be reborn. Create new pathways for your life, a new mountain to climb. Now is the time.

Begin it now.

Katy Sophia 07.01.2018

Soul Radiance Astrology

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