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  • Katy Sophia

2018 - 2019 A Year of Mastery to a Year of Abundance

How has 2018 been for you? It’s been an intensely challenging year for many. The 11 vibration has put us under constant pressure to master something, to master ourselves.

In practice, the number 11 can be incredibly stressful as it symbolises a contained energy that seeks to break free. The ancients ascribed the image of a muzzled lion, or a clenched fist, to this number. So you may feel as though you have been fenced in, pent up, under too much pressure, and you may have experienced something like a river bursting its banks.

If you have had a meltdown, gone off the rails, or feel as though you have had a breakdown of some kind, this is only natural. It means the 11 energy has broken you open, and now you can flow into a new space for 2019. A snake needs to shed its skin, a bud has to burst, a caterpillar has to become a butterfly.

Think about your life experiences this year, and if you feel you have mastered one thing, take a bow. This is truly great. The pressure we have been under is something like carbon being compressed into a diamond. If you have formed just one diamond, congratulations. You have succeeded.

Look at the things you have mastered, or got to the point where you feel they are taking off and finding their own wings. Look at how you can progress these areas of your life in 2019, which is a year of growth and expansion. 2019 will feel much “easier” than this last year, as the three vibration seeks to bloom and expand and growth is natural.

Look at the areas of your life that need more work, that you still have issues with, and spend some time offering these up to the cleansing energy of the New Year. Ask to shine light into the difficulties, and try a new way of being. Maybe it is possible to not be so attached to things. Maybe it is possible to allow people to “react” around you while you are simply being. Maybe things you thought mattered don’t really matter. Maybe it is possible to just relax and be you.

2019 is a 3 vibration year, the divine trinity, the power of three. A highly spiritual vibration for those who seek to tune in and connect on a deeper level. Three is the number of the universe expanding, so look at what you wish to grow in your life. Three vibrates to Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, truth, higher learning, expansion, abundance and innate goodness. Good humour, good nature, good energy. This is a year to learn, grow, travel, and expand your boundaries. A year to enjoy life and laugh more. A year to blossom and appreciate the exquisite fragrance of your being. A year to reap the benefits of the focus and determination you have already put in.

Who’s ready to raise a glass to that? I am!

With Love and Blessings for a Cosmically Abundant 2019

Katy Sophia 30.12.2018

Soul Radiance

Artwork: The High Priestess and The Empress from the Cosmic Tarot

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