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New Moon in Sagittarius 7 December - Aim for your Wildest Dreams

This New Moon occurs at 15 degrees Sagittarius, at 7.15am UT on the 7th of December. Keywords are: adventure, go for your dreams, fortune favours the bold, expansion, seduction, passion, romance, knowledge, wisdom, joy, power, mystical, transition.

When the Sun and Moon embrace in Sagittarius, a special kind of alchemy occurs. This is the sign of the fiery archer who aims her arrow at the brightest star in the heavens. Nothing will stop her from achieving her aim. The Sun and Moon are loosely conjunct Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, so this magnifies and increases the bold, outgoing energy of this moon. No dream is too big, no river too wide, no mountain too high for this energy. Meditate on your wildest dreams. Your greatest passion. Your true joy. Take aim. This is the day to send out that energy, of your sacred intentions. Tell the universe, tell the Goddess, exactly what it is you desire. She will carry your arrow swift and far.

The New Moon is a time to go inwards, and reach deep inside, to find the stillness. Take some quiet time for yourself, to meditate, or join a circle, and meditate together. This is the place from which new seeds will grow. As the last new moon before the Winter Solstice, this is a pivotal point for the coming year. Feel the cleansing fire of Sagittarius burning away untruths, lies you may have told yourself about what you would really like to be doing, who you would like to be with, how you are expressing your life force energy. It is time to burn away everything but the truth, of that precious spark within you. There is no room for compromise. You do not owe anything to anyone. You have a responsibility to yourself and to God, to be true to who you are in this lifetime. Feel the wisdom you have accumulated growing strong, helping you to make the right decisions about your next steps.

The Sun and Moon are squaring Mars and Neptune, tightly conjunct in Pisces. Mars is giving focus and drive to the dreamy, watery energy of Neptune in Pisces. This gives power to your dreams and highest callings, in a deeply intuitive way. Mars in Pisces is all about going with the flow, not being too regimented in how you approach life but feeling the deep way that leads you into the dance. Life spirals, eddies and flows. Sometimes there are deep currents that take you in a completely unknown direction. Learn to trust and not be afraid, if the landscape suddenly looks different.

The square between Sagittarius and Pisces highlights any tension between the fiery quest for truth and adventure, and the watery flow of cosmic oneness that is content just as it is. We need deep inner faith and stillness, and we also need action and risk taking in our lives. We are called to find the balance between gentle, peaceful, healing emotions and active, fiery expression. If there is any conflict here there could be emotional eruptions, outbreaks of passion and suppressed energies, and tensions between the different elements in people. Some carry a lot of anger; some carry a lot of sadness, these could come out unexpectedly under this influence.

Mars Neptune is a very seductive aspect, conjuring up an image of the Divine Masculine also possessing a lot of feminine energy. It is the aspect of the seducer and the seduced, the victim and the rescuer, the irresistible calling to some powerful fantasy. Square to the New Moon, this energy could create illusions and deceptive opportunities so look before you leap. That is hard to do with so much Sagittarian energy. If you have checked your goals and aims over time, or at least over the last three weeks of Mercury retrograde, they are likely to be watertight. If a new opportunity appears at the time of the New Moon, check it carefully and make sure you are not being seduced or deceived into something not for your highest good.

Venus, the Goddess of Love, has re-entered Scorpio after her retrograde journey and foray into Libra, her own sign, at the beginning of the month. Now she enters Scorpio direct, having cleared many relationship issues out of the way. If you have used your time wisely, you should feel clearer about love and past relationships. The last few months have been a purging time, and now she voyages into the deep waters of Scorpio fully alert and aware. Yes it is a time of deep feelings, strong passions, and creative stirrings. Be mindful of yourself, your motivations, your deepest desires, and connect with this primal power, bringing it to light. It will enrich you and bring you closer to yourself.

Mercury is now going direct, in the last degrees of Scorpio, so the words you speak should have depth and precision without wounding or miscommunicating. We now have forward movement, with this incredibly expansive Jupiterian New Moon. Use it wisely. Fortune favours the bold.

Katy Sophia 07.12.2018

Soul Radiance Astrology

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