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Full Moon in Pisces 26 August – Soul Illumination

This Full Moon occurs at 3 degrees Pisces, on 26th August at 11.56 Universal Time. Keywords for this Moon are: Return to the Source, Soul Illumination, Compassion, Healing, Creativity, Playfulness, Dissolving, Merging, Order and Chaos, Hold on Let Go, Release, Wholeness, Oceanic Wisdom.

The Moon illuminates the watery sign of Pisces, which contains the essence of all the other signs. Pisces is the boundless ocean, the womb of the Great Mother, the dissolution we go through in death. Being the twelfth sign, it represents the bardo-like transition the soul passes through before being reborn in the primordial fire of Aries. Pisces is the ocean of Beingness. Pisces is supreme compassion, because there is no other way to be when you realise we are all One. Having the Moon in Pisces natally can indicate lifetimes as a mystic, seer, visionary. This oneness has nowhere to go, nothing to do, and is goalless except to be here now.

When the lunar light illuminates this sign, it can open you up to vistas hitherto unimagined. There is so much more, when you release all boundaries, all limitations, all mental constructs. Meditation can be very deep, as you expand your mind to merge with the infinite sky.

With the Sun in Virgo opposing the Moon, we are called to balance these two poles within us. Virgo is order, precision, details, perfection, purity, work and structure. Pisces is chaos, vagueness, slapdash, illusive, boundless, playful and formless. It may seem impossible to unite these qualities. But they come together in music and dance. The rhythm keeps the music in perfect time. In between the beats, the dancers can throw their heart and soul into expressing their joy, as they hold on and let go in harmony.

It is time to find the steps to your dance now, the beats that will keep you in time to the pulse of existence, and the right balance of letting go and allowing your spirit to soar. Where do you need more order and structure in your life? Where could you let go a little, and allow inspiration to flow? Virgo is about honing your craft, and bringing out the inner purity of your work. Pisces knows that everything is already perfect, but the joy of creating and being and living is worth dancing in time to.

On this Full Moon in particular, you are called to get grounded and bring more stability and structure into your life, as we have a Grand Trine in Earth. The Sun in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus are in tight trine to each other, creating a platform of earth to support you. Pay attention to details, put things in order, be pragmatic and work on your strategy. Then your new creations can really flourish in the material world.

This Grand Trine is also forming a Kite with the Full Moon in Pisces. So the watery Moon is gifting you with access to the deep wells of your soul essence, to draw upon as you build the new structures in your life. Perfect alignment is possible, between the spiritual and material, inner and outer, masculine and feminine, because in truth they are all One.

This Full Moon is a time of integration. After the Lions Gate Eclipse season, you have the opportunity to look into the mirror of the full moon and integrate all you have learned. The last couple of months have been intensely challenging for many. We have been pushed to our limits, stretched and pummelled by the energies as though we were being shaped in the alchemist’s furnace. All that fire energy has abated now, we are cooling in this predominantly earth time, and can see the results of our creations. What has Spirit been creating with you? What is the Great Mother birthing through you in this powerful Pisces full moon?

Take some time to meditate on wholeness, and the eternal beauty of your Soul. Leave aside the critical mind, and feel deep within you that total perfection of spirit. Let go of all hopes and expectations. Just Be. From this moment will be born a newer, truer you, emerging from the molten fires of Leo, cooling in the purity of Virgo earth, birthed from the sweet Piscean waters of the Great Divine Mother Herself. You are truly a miracle.

Katy Sophia 26.08.2018

Soul Radiance Astrology

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