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Full Moon in Capricorn 28 June - Be a Source of Strength

This Full Moon occurs at 04.53 UT /GMT on 28th June at 6 degrees Capricorn. If you have anything around 2-10 degrees of the Cardinal signs this will affect you more intensely.

Capricorn is cardinal earth, and represents the culmination of spirit in matter. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is conjunct this full moon, as it illuminates the sceptre of power and the throne of Capricorn. This moon is about what you have built, what you have created, and what you are currently organising. What does your Sovereign self preside over? This is an 11 year of mastery, and also an earth year, so your spirit is currently organising the material world around you into the shape you wish it to be. You are responsible for the circumstances of your life, and what you create with your precious life force.

Capricorn is big on responsibility. It relates to the boundaries of matter, time and space, responsibilities and karma. If things are difficult right now, perhaps there are some responsibilities your soul wants you to face up to. Deep down you will know what they are. The work you need to do is to build and repair the structures of your life the way you wish them to be.

Capricorn governs discipline and authority, and if you have put in the work and self-discipline you will be reaping rewards now. You could see a surge in the success of your career, if it is truly aligned with your soul. You may find people looking to you as an authority, as you solidify your knowledge and experience. You have journeyed around another spiral of your soul mountain. Just take a moment to feel the ground beneath your feet, and appreciate how far you have come.

The Sun in Cancer opposes the full moon, and as always, we are asked to balance these two poles within us. Capricorn is about leadership, business, career, building structures and being strong and grounded in the world. Cancer is about deep emotional waters, sensitivity, nurturing, motherhood, intuition and dreams, and the home. Maybe you need to balance looking after your children and building your career. Maybe you are very business minded, and could do with developing your sensitivity and nurturing qualities some more. Perhaps you run a home and look after children, and would like to go out into the world and build a business. Whatever your situation, look to where you need to balance strength with sensitivity. Where do you need to balance critical thinking with intuition? Pragmatism with softness and flow. Cancer Capricorn is also the Mother and Father axis, so look a little deeper into any remaining mother and father issues you may have. Clear them for your children and the world.

Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn, and you can think of this as growing the roots of your dreams. This is the time to build the foundations as strong as you can. Dig deep into the earth, and put everything in place for your new life. Think in terms of thoroughness, stability, and longevity.

With Mars also retrograde in Aquarius, conjunct the South Node, the male aspect is being asked to step back and allow the Divine Feminine to rise. Venus in Leo is the powerful feminine revealing issues that cannot be ignored. As she squares Jupiter in Scorpio, much is still coming to light that needs to be addressed, in personal relationships and in the world. Do what you feel called to do, and know that a new strength and balance is emerging.

The Moon and Saturn are trining Uranus in Taurus, lending power and leverage to this new era of the Great Awakener in the sign of primal earth. The projects that are in your mind right now, are likely to be your contribution to this age of seeding and growing the new consciousness into Mother Gaia. What does your soul long to do? Whether it is teaching, travelling, forming community, healing, creating, singing, painting, inventing, make it real. Ground it into the earth on this Capricorn full moon. Make your vision manifest. Breathe life into it, and anchor it with all the elements.

Capricorn is the divine wisdom elder. Be a source of strength for yourself and others, dig deep and find your inner reserves of self-reliance, discipline and knowing. Everything you need is within you, including love and belonging. Know this. Call your spirit forth to fully manifest in this earth plane.

Katy Keel 27.06.2018

Soul Radiance Astrology

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