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Full Moon in Sagittarius 29 May - Deep Wisdom

This Full Moon occurs at 14.19 UT on 29th May, at 8 degrees Sagittarius. If you have any planets around 8 degrees of the mutable signs it will affect you more intensely.

The Moon in Sagittarius opposes the Sun in Gemini, and you are called to balance these qualities within you. As the Sun travels through Gemini, it is a time for communicating, sharing information, learning about lots of things, but not to any great depth, like superficial surfing. The Moon now illuminates the opposite sign of Sagittarius, the sign of deep wisdom and breadth of understanding. Where do you need to go deeper?

Ask yourself, where is your learning only superficial, and where do you need to really grasp concepts in a broader, big picture sense? This can apply to your studies, career, or what you specialise in. It can apply to spiritual wisdom and practices, as there is always a deeper level you can go to. It can apply to any area of life that you think about or discuss. Are you getting all the facts? Are you displaying knee-jerk reactions to headlines, gossip, and insubstantial information? Or are you adhering to blind faith, without properly researching something?

The full moon opposition calls you to balance fiery wisdom with airy intellect. There is also a strong water element to this full moon, as we have a beautiful grand trine in water with Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces respectively. Overall there is a predominance of fire and water, which could bring out turbulent emotions and passionate communications. Stay mindful of your emotional reactions. Practise the zero point, absolute theta and face whatever arises from that place.

The water element can be drawn on for strength today - call upon the depths of your faith and intuition, and merge with the currents and flow of your life, finding that powerful vortex that supports you in your true calling. You are stronger than you know, and whatever you are dealing with will pass.

Relationships are prone to sensitivity with Venus in Cancer, which can be a good thing, but loved ones may be extra touchy or defensive. Be mindful of feelings, and avoid stepping on toes at this time. The grand trine in water is actually a key for deep healing of emotions, as the wounds which tend to come up with Jupiter in Scorpio can be tenderly nurtured and healed with Venus’ loving care and Neptune’s divine grace. Meditate on what you want to heal and release, and visualise it being washed away with the power of water.

This full moon, take some time to go deeper. Deeper in your meditation, deeper in your healing, deeper in your relationships. Look at the big picture. Access all the information and communicate what you need to express. Go deeper into your feelings, and allow an expansion to occur. Feel the deep wisdom and gain a greater understanding. Let it blossom within you as you gaze at the moonlight, or simply feel the moon’s rays. Open up to new insights on the sacred journey of your soul.

Katy Keel 29.05.2018

Soul Radiance Astrology

Full Moon Meditation

Sit comfortably in your sacred space.

Light a candle, and say or intend, “I honour the element of fire, and the wisdom light of the Sagittarius full moon. Let the wisdom blossom within me.”

Light a stick of incense, and say or intend, “I honour the element of air, and the mental clarity of the Gemini sun. Let the clarity reveal itself within me.”

Place a bowl of water, and add some sacred essences to it. Say or intend, “I honour the element of water, and the power of emotion and intuition. Let this power flow within me in harmony and balance.”

Take a quartz crystal, or whichever crystal you are drawn to, and say or intend, “I honour the element of earth, and the stable ground of my life. May the earth uphold me and manifest my desires.”

Sit quietly and feel the power of the elements within you. Deepen your meditation. Allow truths to be revealed in the light of the full moon of wisdom. Allow your emotions to be purified. Ask your Higher Self what it wishes to reveal to you now.

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