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Full Moon in Scorpio - Wesak April 2018

The full moon occurs at 9 degrees of Scorpio on Monday 30th April at 12.58am UT. This is an incredibly powerful Full Moon, as it illuminates the sign of Scorpio which brings light to the darkness. The Moon opposes the Sun in Taurus, so as always we are being asked to balance these opposite poles within us. The sign of Taurus is about stability, patience, groundedness, hard work and determination; and the sign of Scorpio is about depth psychology, mysticism, esoteric teachings, and the process of life, death, sex and rebirth. One needs to be grounded on the earth in order to dive into the depths of the mysteries. Make sure your house is in order, and your garden is tended, and this moon will give you an opportunity to reveal some truths within your psyche.

The full moon is sextile to Saturn in Capricorn, which gives an opportunity to get leverage on some key issues in your life. Saturn represents responsibilities, boundaries, and self-discipline. The sextile aspect allows you to work these in a positive way, gaining some new insights and rewards for the work you have already put in. Look for new solutions to past problems. You may find that the key presents itself.

The Moon is conjuncting Jupiter in Scorpio, where it has been deep diving since October. Any issues which came up for you then may be highlighted now. Look for conclusions to emotional patterns you have been working on in the last six months. This is the time of complete illumination. Accept, release, and move on.

The Scorpio full moon has a tendency bring out the shadow in people, so be aware of that, and this may be magnified due to the conjunction with Jupiter. If you see the darkness rising in people around you, know that their shadows are being revealed and this is a purging. Everything is a message about what needs to be healed. Carry your torch aloft and you will be a beacon to those around you.

The Moon is trining Neptune in Pisces, which lends a mystical, dreamy quality to this time. This is excellent for meditation, shamanic journeying, and guided visualisations. It should soften the energies somewhat, bringing an element of fantasy and play to proceedings. Together with the sextile to Saturn, this is a very powerful positive full moon, enabling you to make the most of situations and turn things to your advantage. Utilise this energy to gain profound insights and manifest new opportunities.

The full moon in Scorpio, usually falling in May, is known as Wesak, the festival of Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death. The sign of Scorpio represents birth, illumination and death so this is very fitting. Also known as Buddha Purnima, this is the most sacred moon of the entire year and considered an excellent time to meditate, chant, pray and make offerings. It is believed that spiritual work is magnified many, many times over. Avoid negativity, and strive to bring in as much spiritual light as possible. This is the time when the Masters of the Earth convene and shower abundant blessings on those who are open to receive.

Infinite Full Moon Blessings


Katy Keel 28.04.2018

Soul Radiance Astrology

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