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Full Moon in Libra March 2018

This full moon occurs at 10 degrees of Libra opposite the Sun at 10 degrees Aries on 31 March. Full moons affect us for three days before and three days after, and this being a Blue Moon is particularly powerful. The Moon illuminates the sign of Libra, which represents peace, justice, harmony, balance, beauty, diplomacy, relationships and the arts. So the emphasis is on peaceful relationships and coming back into balance.

The Sun is Aries conjunct Mercury wants to communicate in very impulsive, direct way without the finesse of Libra. Libra will bend over backwards not to offend, or make others feel bad. Aries will act before they think, and would rather initiate things before consulting others. So the full moon as always, is a time for uniting these opposites within us. Where do you want to make bold moves, and say exactly what you think? Where do you need to be more restrained, and consider the peace of mind of others? This moon is about self versus others, putting yourself first while considering others, and bringing these energies into harmony. Aries and Libra are war and peace – the spiritual warrior is necessary sometimes, as is the blessed peacemaker.

This moon will highlight where your life needs to come into balance. What is not working in your relationships? How is your work life balance? Maybe your body is telling you what it needs to come into balance, which equates to good health. Instead of feeling down about conflicts, misfortunes or things not seeming to go right, take a good look at what you are being shown. This is a divine mirror. You have the remedy within you, and now you know what you need to do.

The Moon is forming a T-square to Mars conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. There are some powerful and heavy issues being worked through, in the collective, and in all of our lives. Do not despair. The focus on Mars Saturn is the key to working with what is coming up for you now. Get your karma in order. Lady Justice is balancing the books right now. Put right any old debts, clear the energy, and move forward. Really decide where you want to focus your drive and sacred life force. Align your energies, body, mind and soul, and put your heart and guts into it. This is a major energy boost for your life purpose and true direction, so go for it like you mean it. The universe will support you in your truth. But you must bring all elements into balance, and be 100% honest with yourself.

The Libra Moon squaring Saturn Lord of Karma signifies divine justice coming about, a balancing of the scales in a big way, for the collective. As Mars and then Saturn approach Pluto in Capricorn, the critical mass point is shifting for the transit of Pluto though this sign, and all that represents. The axis of power is shifting. Never forget for one moment how powerful you are. Never forget how much it is possible for one person to contribute to the world. Every single one of our visions matter. The collective vision that we all manifest is transforming every moment. With the Eoster energies of rebirth and new life, be reborn to yourself and your soul path with renewed wisdom and might.

“My hand is made strong by the Hand of the Almighty.” Bob Marley

Katy Keel 01.04.2018

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