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Full Moon in Aries October 2017 - Divine Union

The light of this Aries full moon is a very cleansing light. It truly feels as if everything can be cleansed and washed in this vibrant, purifying, energising light with the frequency of Diamond. A time to sit and just Be, if you can, no need to do anything, just be still and look with your inner eye. You may see visions, images of people and things that are meaningful to you. You may see what needs to be cleared in your energy field, and the fields of others. Ask for it to be purified in the diamond currents of light. You may not see anything, and that is fine, just take some time to be still within yourself.

The sign of Aries is typically associated with action, bold impulsive energy and brashness. The full moon in Aries is quivering with life, and fast action and impetuousness are there if we choose. This sign is about new beginnings and breaking from the past. Within the speed and dynamism there is also a stillness, a beautiful reflection of unlimited possibilities that exist.

The Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra brings scintillating intelligence, with the benefit of a balanced viewpoint, and the quest for truth. This is a great time to make impartial decisions, as you will be able to see the big picture and not get too bogged down in details. The opposition of Aries and Libra is about war and peace, self and other, the individual versus relationships, impulsive fire versus airy calm. These are the themes being played out around us.

Mars and Venus, the rulers of Aries and Libra, are conjunct at 19 degrees Virgo at the exact time of the full moon. Virgo is the sign of the Priestess and the Sacred Work. This is Divine Union, the marriage of the heavenly symbols of Masculine and Feminine energies. The Sun and Moon oppose while their rulers unite. This truly is a Moon of Sacred Union of Masculine and Feminine energies. Use this time wisely, to reach a point of union within yourself, uniting conflicts and opposites, and seeing the big picture from a crystal clear perspective. There is always another possibility.

The Sun, Mercury and the Moon are in T-square with Pluto, which means that through this alignment immense transformation can occur. Issues and problems from the past may be dredged up, but can be transmuted with ease and grace if you only offer them up to the clear light of this moon. A time for energy healing and sending your intentions for collective suffering and bondage to be released. We are raising in vibration, we all affect each other all over the planet. We can shift and transform. This is another blessed new beginning. Aho.

Katy Keel 06 October 2017

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