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Soul Alchemy in Egypt - Sacred Tour of Egypt October 2017

Do you feel it? The call to Egypt – the sacred Land of Khem. Now more than ever, it is important for those who are called to visit the sacred sites of this beautiful planet, and indeed Egypt holds the keys to deep mysteries from our past and a map to the soul’s awakening like nowhere else. A sacred tour with a unique group of souls; a moving retreat; a powerful series of spiritual activations. That is what this journey will be. And above all else, an adventure in the Land of Khem, and a journey into your own heart.

Can you imagine yourself at the pyramids at dawn? Just you and a small group allowed to enter the King's chamber and meditate, chanting, toning and receiving activations. Exploring the inner passageways and the pit beneath. Can you imagine the Sphinx at sunrise? Stepping between those mighty paws in blessed peace and silence. Leaning your back against the Rose granite breastplate, inscribed with ancient hieroglyphs. Sensing the energy of the hall of records itself.

Can you see yourself entering Karnak temple by moonlight? Seeing those magnificent columns, as you are led through to the chapel of Sekhmet. Experiencing a power activation in the chamber.

Soul Alchemy in Egypt is a Sacred Tour that I am leading this October. We are blessed to have three Private Access visits - that means just our group, tuning in to the energies and meditating together! We will have private access into the fabled King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid, private access between the paws of the Sphinx, and private access to the Chapel of Sekhmet at Karnak Temple. These will be rare opportunities to meditate undisturbed, receive energy activations, and connect to the incredibly sacred vibrations of these sites.

Our journey will begin in Cairo with the pyramids of Giza, and private early morning access into the Great Pyramid itself, where we will meditate in the Kings Chamber as a group and receive activations. This fabled chamber is a sonic temple, the shape of the pyramid allowing the sound to directly activate your third eye. This is where initiations of old were held. We will also be able to explore the Queens Chamber, Grand Gallery and the Pit underneath the Pyramid. These will be precious moments indeed. We have a second private access at the Sphinx, surely one of the most mysterious monuments in the world. We have rare access between the paws of the Sphinx, with the exquisite rose granite breastplate inscribed with ancient symbols. The Sphinx guards an incredibly sacred space, which is a Stargate, and the entrance to the Hall of Records. Spending time meditating here is indescribable.

Whilst in Cairo we will visit Saqqara, home of the Step Pyramid and the Serapeum, a mysterious underground complex which is the powerhouse of the Giza Plateau. We will also visit the Red Pyramid, and the Egyptian Museum which is home to the Golden Mask of Tutankhamen. There will be time to take in the surroundings and sample the bazaars and perfume houses, where you can receive guidance on Egyptian oils, fine cotton galabeyas, and see how papyruses are made.

After three days in Cairo we fly to Luxor, where we will see the stunning Temple of Amen Ra. We have another private access at the legendary Karnak Temple in the chapel of Sekhmet. The fire of Mother Sekhmet is embodied in the crystalline black granite statue there, where we will have private meditation time. You will be free to explore Karnak Temple, which is a city of temples, and the largest temple complex ever built. Our guide at Karnak is extremely knowledgeable and spiritually connected to the site.

We will travel to Abydos for the next step of our journey, and the enchantingly beautiful Temple of Seti I. We will be able to spend time here meditating in the seven chambers for each of the seven major chakras. Behind the temple is the ancient Osirion, the much older Temple of Osiris, where you can sometimes anoint yourself with the sacred waters that flow here. We are fortunate to be able to stay overnight in Abydos giving us more time to experience this special place.

Our journey leads us on to Dendera, the Hathor Temple and the best preserved temple in all of Egypt. Hathor is the Goddess of Love, and the love vibration here is truly beautiful. You will be able to see the famous Zodiac wheel on the ceiling and experience the blissful heart energies of Hathor who is an aspect of Isis.

On returning to Luxor we will check in for our four night cruise of the Nile, where you will be able to chill and relax, sit on deck as the sacred Nile waters go by, watch the sunsets, meditate, journal or enjoy good conversation with soul family. There will be an early morning trip to the unforgettable Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and the Valley of the Kings. We will visit the Nile temples of Kom Ombo, dedicated to Sobek the crocodile deity, and the Horus Temple at Edfu.

In Aswan we will take a boat to Philae Island, to the Temple of Isis the Mother Goddess herself. This truly is a place of the heart; we will meditate, receive activations and experience heart opening here. We will learn about the mystical transformations of Isis, the Mother, the Alchemist and the Great Magician. By divine synchronicity we will be here on dates sacred to Isis, in early November which is a time of great spiritual power and transformation.

Whilst in Aswan we will be able to browse the amazing street markets, where you can purchase fine cottons, papyruses, statues and artefacts, and of course Egyptian gold and silver jewellery. There are optional trips to the Nubian village and Nubian desert, or simply relax time in the hotel grounds. From Aswan we will travel to Abu Simbel, the Temple of Ramses II and Queen Nefertari. This incredibly beautiful temple overlooks Lake Nasser. Whilst in Aswan you will be able to visit the Nubian village, relax in the hotel grounds, or visit the local bazaars.

Throughout our trip we will spend time together as a group, meditating and doing spiritual practices. The theme is inner alchemy and transformation, ascension, and honouring the Divine Feminine, regardless of whether you are male or female. We will work together, allowing the sacred space and group energy to support and nourish us. Come with your dreams, come with your visions, come with your past lives, and allow Egypt to activate and transform you. Egypt is indeed the healer, the activator, the transformer, and the Great Mystery. It is truly humbling to be present at these sacred sites on Mother Gaia. Our accommodation will be all 5* hotels, and a 5* deluxe Nile Cruise boat. The trip includes travel in a luxury air conditioned tour bus, internal flights to Luxor and back to Cairo, all transfers, and knowledgeable guides who are trained in meditation and working with the chakras. It includes at least three private access visits, and the meditations, activations and retreat processes which are the foundation of our spiritual work here. Your Retreat Leader: Katy Keel Katy has been involved in a long love affair with Egypt, with the Goddess, the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine, and the Ascension path. She is called to work at the sacred sites of Mother Gaia, working with group energy to activate the wisdom of nature and our individual ascension pathways.

Katy has spent more than 20 years studying meditation, spiritual teachings, healing arts and divination; she has trained extensively in energy medicine and leads meditation groups and women's circles; she is a Reiki Seichem Master and Sacred Activations Master; she also offers private sessions of spiritual life coaching, energy healing and astrology. It is her great joy to lead sacred retreats at powerful locations on this beautiful planet, and take part in the alchemy of group process as we allow each other to transform.

She also has a love of blending essential oils to create aura sprays for anointing the chakras, and working with crystal medicine. Katy believes we are all teachers with the capacity to be walking masters and we hold the knowledge inside of us – true meditation takes us to that place.

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